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Da Vinci / Blog

New Album coming soon

While doing some work this afternoon I've been listening to the guide tracks for the "Razorblade World" Album all 28 songs and its sounds AWESOME, can't wait to get it released. I've also been chatting with "Brave Cult Media Group" regarding doing videos for selected songs from it. Andrew Cave Band Manager


Please vote for @Da_Vinci_UK just click on the little heart in this link! :)https://www.bandapp.com/builder/bandpage/DAVINCII #bandapp #RockTheHouseHOC #RobinWalkerMP

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Da Vinci at the Roadhouse Birmingham,

On 24 April the rock band Da Vinci performed their first headline gig at the Roadhouse in Birmingham. The evening started very well with sumptuous support from Claire Bowell with her sweet sultry voice (which was never more exemplified than on her rendition of the Bacharach and David tune, "the look of love"). Claire played songs from her impending album, which included" Under the bridge"(no not that one! Her own composition!) and "Reason to believe" which was performed with Da Vinci frontman Declan Sharma, a favor Clair returned later that evening by performing a song with Da Vinci. Claire's warm and evocative set provided a nice contrast to the band and her talent and professionalism be-lye her years. You can find Claire at http://wwwclaireboswell.com/ Da Vinci entered into their set in typical theatrical style performing incisive poignant compositions from their earlier repertoire then moved effortlessly too more recent material.All served up with high quality musicianship and panache. The band these days are a considerably tighter and more disciplined outfit, their musical ability has never come into question. These are four very highly proficient musicians supporting the brilliant songwriting talent of the bands very charismatic focal point Declan Sharma. Since the appointment of band manager, Andy Cave giving them positive direction, Da Vinci have been effectively more focused. These days you will find them playing gigs predominantly in the second city. Though they are playing a variety of music festivals throughout the midlands through the summer.You can find Da Vinci at http://www.davinciuk.net/ Review by Mike Dougan.

To be continued....................



Just waiting for another party to review the forthcoming Da Vinci Press Release and that they are happy with its content. Trust me this is a truly epic event in the history & the future of Da Vinci. Andy (Band Manager)


After some discussion with the band about an email I received yesterday I will be issuing a press release in the next couple of days with some great news regarding the future of Da Vinci....... Andy (Band Manager)

"Razorblade World" Rock Opera Tour 2015

Are you prepared to be part of the Da Vinci "Razorblade World" tour 2015? Da Vinci are going to perform their Rock opera “Razorblade World” in its entirety to coincide with the release of the “Razorblade World” CD, with actors & guest musicians. I'm looking for venues throughout the UK. Email davinciuk@outlook.com for more information. Andy (Band manager)


Da Vinci are looking for UK venues to play as part of their 2014 UK tour please contact Andy (Bugsy) Cave, Band Manager with details. Davinciuk@outlook.com

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