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Eye Heart Parasites / Blog

Tick tock tick tock tick tick tock

Tick tock tick tock tick tick tock.... Up again late and staring at my clock... but If you skip a few tocks and focus on the ticks you will hear that the time will begin to shift. Play it forward and backwards upside down then straight and you will hear a song begin to take shape. You add a few textures and hum a few lines divide it by six and alter the time. Now you're on your own clock and reality shifts as you climb down the falls and fall off the lifts. You pace the room madly pitches screaming in your head never once thinking of your cold empty bed. Then a smile grows slowly and creeps up your face as the notes sink inward and bend into place. So you track like a fiend cackling perfectly in time as the tock ticking from earlier sends shivers down your spine. The sun creeps in slowly and bleeds across the floor as you mumble a mantra "just one more just one more". Eyes blackened and drooping fingers gnarled like vines and your back where you started blankly staring at the time. As you drift into darkness and your humanity seeps through your last thought calmly hisses.... you'll never know when inspiration will be staring back at you;).-Teddy