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Justifiable Homicide (Lyrics)

1st verse: You knew there'd come a time, when the law in your hands is not a crime. A guilty act feeds a guilty mind and justice is blind. When a person has killed another, and there's justice in that homicide, Praise hell for convicted murder or pray to false God that... chorus: "You''ll have your revenge, with Justifiable Homicide""There's no regret, with Justifiable Homicide"...let's Go! 2nd verse: conventional view of Justice? The shooting deaths 2 abortionists. Ask a pro-lifer about the use of violence and they just might say.... chorus (2x) 1st bridge lyrics: Avoid unduly restriction of an individual’s freedom of action. And refrain from interfering in a citizen’s life, unless you’re needing to.. murder one who murders another, a friend, family or lover. Free of charge you’re now at large with lawful defense! Butcher, cutthroat, killer, man-slayer, massacre...the religion to do unto others as they've done to you!! Murder, murderess, slaughterer, slayer, trigger-man...a human target for a HIT, and there's nothing you can do!! 3rd verse: You know there'd come a time, when the law in your handsis not a crime.Guilty act feeds a guilty mind but remember that Justice is blind when... Written by Manny Lopez.

Lethal Inception (Lyrics)

1st verse: Lethal inceptions, mental weapons. Flying in your head. Spoils of War, Young Women, Burnt Offerings. chorus: Hell inside your head, it’s just another. Prepare for end of days, it’s just another…lethal inception…mental weapon 2nd verse: Lethal Inception, mental weapon, flying through your head. Motivated by hate, Pallbearers of hope, Failed conversant. chorus: Hell, inside your head, it’s just another… Prepare for end of days, it’s just another lethal inception… Hell, holy and fed the lies of our sins. Nightmares, alive to leave you dead…And it’s about to begin Lifeline ends, another will begin, never running out of time. Fade to black as they write a new script, souls always in supply. Written by Manny Lopez

Ulysses Siren: Jon Torres (RIP)

As many of you know, Jon Torres passed away on the morning of September 3rd 2013. This unexpected loss is a shock to all of us. The void that is left by his passing is beyond words. He was a beloved friend, family member and band mate. Although this loss is felt by all of us the burden left behind for his family is immeasurable. Jon was the main source of income for his family and is survived by his wife Tambre and daughter Cassie. I know that many of those closest to him have expressed their desire to help. Your love and moral support have been a pillar of strength for all of us but if you could find it in your hearts to donate to this fund to help with upcoming expenses this is the most impact you could possibly have in helping us move forward from this tragedy. Any amount you see fit will be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go directly to his surviving family. If you wish to send money directly to the home you can sent checks to the following address. Thank you for the outpouring of support and may you and your family be blessed. Gabriel Bryant

The Torres Family 5510 Connecticut Dr. Concord Ca 94521 - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/jon-torres-memorial-fund/85407#sthash.W3xHKib9.dpuf

Destructive Music UK

Ulysses Siren's - Above The Ashes CD now available in the UK: Destructive Music UK : http://destructive-music.com/?p=13496

ULYSSES SIREN  (8 days ago)

Not anymore. Destructive Music UK is out of business.


“We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Metal charts for SF, CA. http://www.reverbnation.com/ulyssessirensfo - 12/11/13” - Ulysses Siren, ReverbNation (Dec 11, 2013)

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Malevolence Records©

Malevolence Records© Presents - Perseverance 2013 available for digital download thru CD Baby: http://cdbaby.com/cd/malevolencerecordspresen http://www.cdbaby.com/new/96 Will be available on Amazon, iTunes, & Google+ ...

Jon Torres - Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace Jon Torres Of Ulysses Siren. You'll always be remembered & never forgotten. http://www.malevolence-records.us/index.php