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Victoria Banks / Blog

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MusicI MeanCondo Row

A few months ago, I got lost on the way to the office. Ive been driving through the same tree-lined entrance to Music Row for over 15 years now, along the shaded street of hundred-year-old brick buildings filled with studios…read more

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Thank you, Garth.

Dear Miss Victoria, First of all, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of your work. I got an email from Garth Brooks. Thats how it started. Then last week, I picked up my phone to hear his…read more

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For the Love, Not the Money

I spend my life as a songwriter with my head and my heart immersed in music. For the past 17 years, its been not only my 5-days-a-week, go-to-the-office careerits also been my 24/7/365 obsession. I love it. And its a…read more

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Ruined at Radio and Indigo Available for iTunes Pre-Sale!

What an exciting week! My brand new single, “Ruined”, has been sent out to country radio across Canada. Check out the lyric video for it here: Also, my new record “Indigo” is up on iTunes Canada for pre-sale starting this…read more

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How to Hurt a Suicide Survivor

In the wake of Robin Williams death, there has been a lot of media dialogue about suicide. Thats a good thing, because its a topic thats not discussed enough in our society. But its also a very difficult thing for…read more

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Moms Bike

Last week I had a rare and precious visit with my Dad. He lives in the house I grew up in, north of Toronto in Muskoka, Ontario. Mom passed away 5 years ago now, but hes still holding down the…read more

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When Youre in the Groove

Who knows where the heck songs come from. When youre not plugged in to your creativity, it can seem like an impossible task even to write one line of a song. But when youre in the groove, youre invincible. You…read more

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Playing the Keys (Key West, That Is!)

For a week every spring, the Nashville music business transplants itself to Key West for a big songwriters festival. Its such a blast, and its actually a really great place to get a lot of business done, even if its…read more

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Climbing Mount Everest

My new record is being mastered today, after 8 months of work! Its called Indigo, and Im particularly proud of it because I made it differently from my last 2 CDs. This project was built from scratch: it was layered,…read more

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Kindness Brings Kindness: Baby Olivias Benefit

Ive always been happy to help people out when asked, but Ive never considered myself particularly pro-active about it. Ive supported causes, but I’ve always just kind of fallen into themthe causes have found meand really, how hard is it…read more

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