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K.T. HalleL / Blog

"Like a Thief in the Night" - City Boi releases

I am SO glad to get City Boi released! My EP "Alive n Kickin" will be highly unpredictable with several diverse sounds from different genres.

I find a lot of today's music predictable and repetitive so don't expect mass assembly music from me, I pride myself on originality. I hope you dig it!!!!! God Bless!!!!!

K.T. HalleL

Beside myself

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be standing where I am, in time as we speak. Great things are coming to SafeHouse Music. Stay posted........

My self production - SafeHouse Music

For those who are curious, I own SafeHouse Music and produce and record all of my music myself. God willing, at some point I may enter a major studio for production, but I have no desire to sign with a label or be dictated to. It's more about the ministry and less about $$$$. With that being said, if I can support my family by being in full-time ministry I would welcome it. With that being said, I do believe that all things should be done in excellence. That's probably why my album isn't released :( (I'm a perfectionist). I guess having imperfect music would be a "true" reflection of who we are as humanity right?

The Single - Down & Out

I decided to take some time to focus on family (my first ministry) and a year and a half later I'm back to finish what God has started. Ever had a dream? Do you just want to use your gifts to glorify God and live each day like it's your last one? No doubt I love the music, I am determined to get my album finished and on iTunes very shortly.

The Single is titled "Down & Out". It's my testimony and also a full reminder of how powerful God's grace is. Even when we mess up and even when we are undeserving, God gives us grace. I am so blessed to make it to where I am today. I thank God for his Grace in this song. I hope it blesses you.