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Magic Caravan / Blog

"Alakazam" album review by www.SonicBoomers.com

“It’s a hard world to get a break in/all the good things have been taken.” Those lines from the Animals’ ‘60s hit “We Gotta Get Out of this Place” are even truer today for rock & rollers who try to grab a piece of the sunshine for their moment in the spotlight. Even when they’re as talented as Ben Miller, it’s still a constant struggle to find an audience for your music. Illinoisan Miller, like so many others like him, does it the only way he can: by making his own recordings and releasing them himself, and then doing everything he’s able short of grand larceny to build an audience. Luckily for him, he’s got the kind of talent that will someday take him to higher ground. His guitar playing holds the key. It’s razor-sharp and full of a peculiar twists that not many others have been able to master. Mark Knopfler comes to mind, but Ben Miller is no copycat. He uses that style as a jumping off point, and then builds his own vocabulary of licks and lyricism to make an original stand. Vocally, it’s the same way. There may be similarities to others, but on songs like “Angel in My Dreams” and “Elevation,” there is a serious musician here, and you can feel all the passion that fuels a likely lonesome run for recognition. But, really, it’s always been that way, and in the end the making of the music has to be the final reward, because it’s the only one the artist has any control over. From the sound of Alakazam, this is a man who has no intention of going anywhere but straight ahead. — 11/12/2009 by Bill Bentley/Sonic Boomers


author: Frank Moore/Luver We love Ben Miller's Cd!We played the whole thing on http://www.luver.com and is now in luver's mix... so you are often on luver!

Bill Scull --E O Records --Review

author: Bill Scull--President of E.O. RecordsTri State Promotions & Marketing Great instrumentation and good writing. The whole thing is really good. It's not just one song. People I've played it for say it sounds like Dire Straits and Jim Morrison. Magic Caravan and Deuces Wild are my top picks. Do you want a record deal?

Ben Miller, Dire Straits, and The Stones--The Netherlands playlist

author: Ray DJ, GoldenFlash Radio,Netherlands Somewhere between Every Thursday from 9.00 till 12.00 PM Hosted by Ray Dj also member of : www.euroamericanachart.nl PLAYLIST DATE 10-27-2005 Rick Fowler Profit off the lord Polyglot Dire Straits Sultans of swing Vertigo Rolling Stones Dead flowers Virgin Levon Helm Lucretia Raven Amazing Rhythm Aces Third rate romance Breaker Tom Russell Band Heart of hearts Philo Ted Sink Bitter teardrops AMR Delbert McClinton Two steps too New West Stephen Bruton Bigger wheel New West Mississippi Heat Glad you’re mine Crosscut Ben Miller Far & wide Jackhammer Robert McCreedy Just in time Eclectone Fred Prellberg Last of the rock stars Denmark Street Elliott Murphy I’m ready Last Call Thanks for letting me play your songs ! Ray Dj

Radio Waves in Montenegro

author: predrag-serbia & monte negro radio! alternatives no.2. 1.) the looking - "lele" rhizome man/astrea 2.) ben miller - "radio waves" ben miller 3.) why? things burn - "press start" ton 4.) sergeant buzfuz - "indelible" blang 5.) the teenbeat - "urina" blang 6.) being 747 - "diy prescriptions" wrath 7.) ed james - "shiver & shake" jam 8.) the hotknives - "echo beach" grover 9.) the guilty hearts - "turn it off" voodoo rhythm 10.) wasted aces - "my name is ace" twin dragon 11.) the sirens - "glycerine queen" get hip 12.) rogger miret & the disasters - "1984" hellcat 13.) love & disaster - "ginko disco" l&d 14.) the landaus - "rockin chair" 15.) the twilight singers - "papillon" one little indian 16.) glowfriends - "golda" jam 17.) alice lee - "friendly fire" alice lee 18.) marisa yeaman - "vacant sign" deep pearl 19.) detrot cobras - "hot dog" bloodshot 20.) against me! - "don't lose touch" fat wreck

Bright Eyes-- Germany in English

author: Tom Klaner/ Bright-Eyes Reviews/Germany WWW.Bright-Eyes.De Germany------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The guitarist BEN MILLER out of Chicago published the studio album existing new now "Farther Than The Eye Can Stare" and is his second complete work. This solo disk uses BEN MILLER not only in order to place his musical ability under proof, but rather it receives also the song lines that remind occasionally even of Mark Knopfler. So it does so thoroughly as Dire Straits meets The Doors. The cool groovend Opener 'Magic Caravan' knows how to convince exactly that atmospheric along with track 2 'Deuces Wild'. ------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- In the guitar working, BEN MILLER leaves nothing to chance and leads its total guitar repertoire into the field. He who expects now an endless sound would be mistaken, finally to find within the twelve songs are two pure instrumental numbers. After its debut album "Each & Everyday", that was able to provide already positive voices, "Farther Than The Eye Can Stare" adds more consistent further development. He who likes it happy,free, and groovig, should buy BEN MILLERs disk at once. For the trip over the Highway, the album is suited best.---------- Tom Klaner

Bright Eyes Reviews----Germany

Hi Ben---so it's "Dire Straits" meets "The Doors". author: Tom Klaner/Bright Eyes Reviews---Germany Der Rockgitarrist BEN MILLER aus Chicago veröffentlicht mit dem nun vorliegenden neuen Studioalbum „Farther Than The Eye Can Stare“ sein zweites vollständiges Werk. Diese Soloscheibe nutzt BEN MILLER nicht nur, um sein musikalisches Können unter Beweis zu stellen, sondern er übernimmt auch die Gesangslinien, die zeitweise sogar an einen Mark Knopfler erinnern. So verwundert es nicht, dass sich so manche Songs durchaus als Dire Straits meets The Doors bezeichnen lassen können. Der coole groovende Opener ‚Magic Caravan’ weiß genau so zu überzeugen wie das atmosphärische ‚Deuces Wild’. Bei der Gitarrenarbeit überlässt BEN MILLER nichts dem Zufall und führt sein gesamtes Gitarrenrepertoire ins Feld. Wer jetzt ein endloses Gedudel erwartet, der sieht sich getäuscht, schließlich sind unter den zwölf Songs nur zwei reine Instrumentalnummern zu finden. Nach seinem Debütalbum „Each & Everyday“, das bereits für positive Stimmen sorgen konnte, stellt „Farther Than The Eye Can Stare“ die viel zitierte konsequente Weiterentwicklung dar. Wer es gerne lässig und groovig mag, der sollte BEN MILLERs Scheibe ruhig mal antesten und selbst darüber urteilen. Für die Fahrt über den Highway ist das Album bestens geeignet. 9 von 13 Augen Tom Klaner

Studio City Sun Nov. 23, 2007

author: Bill Bentley Ben Miller, Strumming With The King (BMR) Talk about fighting the good fight. Musician Ben Miller took ten of his best original songs into the studio, playing all the lead, rhythm and bass guitars himself, then added drum parts to the vocal tracks and sent them out into the world. Even in a time that’s seen and heard just about everything, Strumming With The King still manages to catch afire. The mark of Mark Knopfler may be written in a deep groove on these songs, but Miller is and always will be his own man. His guitar has the relentless fire of so many greats, and while the young musician continues the search for his own sound, he’s found a musical path that will take him there with talent to spare. One to watch.


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