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Space Cadet and the Acid Test Set / Blog

Christmas song time again!

We do like a bit of a sideways swipe at a Christmas song....it is a time of year that has very much become about sugar, fat and starch and we very much feel for those who can't join in and go the whole hog on medical grounds....the rest of us are however racing towards glucose intolerant blood chemistries and may yet rue the day! Not medically accurate we're sure but intended to raise an ironic smile...Happy Christmas one and all!

The Passage of Isis..

...and so a year in the new home and new studio and a year since Isis Crazyeyes D'Sleaze divorced us and went to find another home. We still miss her terribly and she is in that Schrodinger place where we don't even know where to find the box to take a peak to know if she is still alive. Middle Eastern philosophy holds the concept of a realm of the spirit and the mystical a place beyond the limits of flesh but a place unlike heaven where one does not need to be devoid of flesh to hold there some presence....something more than a dream realm and a far more pleasant place to imagine our dear friend than the physicists box.....wherever you are Missy we hope you are safe and warm!

Little Black Cloud

We wrote this for a young man who is troubled by the strange ways of a wicked world and also for his father and older brother. As soon as we started, it cried out to be a song that Pink Floyd never wrote and so we have followed that vibe with absolutely no shame. Think of it as a tribute.

Everything is free

A studio, the recording gear, the guitars, the keyboards, the strings, the picks, the time...we'll never recoup and so we must truly do it for love. The high quality format version of the first album is now free at Bandcamp..click on the aliens....

Time flies...

Stunned to see we have not updated the blog for so long....I guess we got busy! Since last time we have enjoyed a National No12 with out Christmas song, followed recently with a No13 with the "Full Frank"" song. We also did a couple of fun videos, posted 4 new tunes and are close to having a second album finished. Thanks go out to everybody who has supported us by liking, following and playing our stuff....it makes us feel all warm inside! xxx

Free Downloads....

They are just for fun and we can't sell them, so feel free to help yourselves to the cover songs...for free! If you'd like to help out the band and some Cancer sufferers it costs around $3 to download the rest and we get to buy a new guitar string and our favouriite charity gets some much needed funds. xxx

Sonny and Cher...are you nuts?

A new cover song to entertain while we finish some more originals. We always thought it would make a great Acid Frugg Riff Out and that the lyrics still hold true....and we like it...and we had fun!

Pleased and proud.

We are truly honoured to have found so many cool friends so very quickly and to have jumped so far up this electrical hit parade. More songs, photographs and art are on their way very soon..thank you, you groovy people!

An end to confusion.

Over at the Mars Diner collective, it was all getting a bit confusing with the electro band and the punk band doing retro stuff, so we will now be putting it here in a bit to save anymore bruised grey matter on the planet! ;)