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Sleepwalkers Release! - My First Recording

Monday, September 2, 2013

The day has finally come! My band, and myself personally have released our first single entitled "Sleepwalkers." It is a song written instrumentally and lyrically by Kevin (lead guitar and vocals on the track) with help from Alexander (drums on the track). Recording this song was an incredible, and painstaking experience for all of us. After purchasing a mixer, we immediately started recording the guitar track for the song. Once the lead and rhythm (my part) was complete, we recorded the bass, and then moved on to the most painful part... the drums.

Due to the abnormal timing in the chorus (changes from 4/4 to 5/4 to 3/4 ) Alexander was faced with creating an insane beat for what he initially thought was going to be his "easiest" song to play on drums. When it came time to record the bridge and solo section of the song, again we struggled against the abnormal timing. The track for the solo came out of a joke recording Alex made. He was just pounding away on his kit, releasing some frustration, and halfway through realized he was creating something he really liked, and that fit the song extremely well. So he continued and we were left with the drum track you hear on the track. In my opinion the way he used the china cymbal in the fade out at the end of the song is incredible.

Although I myself am the lead singer of the band, this song had some sentimental value to Kevin, and therefore he wanted to sing it. I think he did a great job on the vocals, he shocked us and himself with his capabilities and the way the vocal track turned out!

Up until this point, I've been in two rock bands, and played in an award winning concert band at school. I've taught myself 3 instruments plus taught myself to sing, and I can honestly say this song has made me more proud than any other music piece or achievement I have accomplished.

Check out Sleepwalkers on our page, and give it a download too!

Rock on, Mattie DeBono