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Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ The Warehouse, Santa Ana

Punk Rock before dark is not punk at all but we were asked to do this show months ago by our friend, July from Piratical Productions. We accepted the invitation and headed down south behind the Orange Curtain for our first OC show in years. This is the only way to describe the day; PUNK, KIDS, OLDSTERS, PIZZA, PUNK, SODA, WATER, BEER, CIGS, MORE PUNK AND MORE BEER! There was almost one fight between two teenaged punker kids but Security nipped that in the bud before any punches were thrown. Good for them, sad for us! What's a punk show without a fight? HAHAHAHA... Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. When we arrived from our hourlong ride we found that there was already chaos with some confirmed bands backing out last minute. They're loss is our gain as we got bumped up to the Main Stage where we originally thought we'd be playing! We got to play our full set in front of a lot of local punker kids who seemed to enjoy our set. I know I did! XL and I spoke after our set about how funny it was that the kids were slamming to our poppier songs instead of the hardcore songs we played. I told XL, "I'll never get it!" The older punks in the crowd enjoyed the harder songs and made their presence known when we finished those songs! We got a lot of great feedback and a female fan even bought me a slice of pizza for giving her a CD. God, I love my job! After we played Circle One killed it and so did Mad Parade. XL and I stayed until after 9pm and then made the trek back home only to stop for cigs, juice for our vodka and food from Jack in the Box! Two nights of pure punk rock have left us all tired today but it was totally worth every second! I can't wait to play again!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009 @ Weber's, Reseda

So we played on Friday night at WEBER'S in Reseda with Dr. Know, Entropy, Killroy and Fozzy's Hero. I didn't know Fozzy's was on the bill until I got there and saw them pull up. They were surprised we were on the bill as well. What a wonderful surprise since it's been months since we've played with them. This was our first since Halloween night 2008 so we were all stoked to be playing live again. All these months in the studio writing the next two releases have been pretty much us working and not having the fun we love so much. Now we were finally able to release some pressure on stage where we were meant to be! Our new guitarist, Seedy was unable to do the show so we called in a favor from our former guitarist, Ike Robison. Ike hadn't played with us since August 2008 so it was a real treat to have him back on stage with us, even it was for just one night. With no rehearsals, Ike did a great job with us and we all had a blast playing in front of a packed house! All the band's did very well and from what I was told, I had a blast also!!! If you missed this show, you missed one great night!

Deep & Wide U.S. Tour Journal: 1998-1999

http://deepwideustourjournal1998-1999.blogspot.com/ Hosted by: RYAN KINDER In 1998 I ventured out on 2+ month U.S. tour with a punk band from Los Angeles called Dead Lazlo's Place. Five drunk guys in the band + one drunk Tour Manager (me) = pure craziness. We fought, we drank, we partied, we played, and we lost our asses. But it was the best time of my life. This journal will be transcribed exactly as it was written from the road - warts and all. I apologize in advance...