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Hard copy CD's are finally in!! go to www.thelivingstudios.com to order!


I am so thankful for all my friends, family and fans who have supported my wife and i and the gifts God has blessed us with. We are beyond excited for this season of our life and look forward to ministering with music wherever we go. We thank God daily for his blessings and favor in our lives.


Ever since my first breath, Every day you’ve been there, Deep within my being, Like you’re in the air, My mother named me for you, The name you put on her heart, Its funny how true it is, You truly knew me from the start, I was dedicated to you too young to know, You were dedicated to me, You knew the path I would choose, So you waited patiently, Your love never ran out, And your love never ran away, In fact you sought after me, Every day as I ran away, In the lowest of my low, In the depths of my sin, In my darkest hour , Your presence came in, Your love covered me, Your grace soothed my wounds, Your blood washed all my sins, And I was as innocent as in the womb,

Just as you were innocent in the womb, Born into this world of sin, You came the same as I , Born naked in human skin, But your innocence stayed, As part of your nature, Mine was tarnished by the world, And separated me from my maker, But wait I was created by you, The baby I see in the manger, Why would you come like me?, To a world full of hate and anger, Why would you come like me?, To a world who considers you a stranger, Why would you come like me?, And be subjected to danger, Sin separated me from you, Now you come as my savior?, I don’t deserve that kind of love, I deserve your wrath and anger,

You deserve a throne of honor, But you sit with the sinners, The ones the world throws away, You sit with for dinner, Your inner circle is fishermen, And tax collectors, You surround yourself by children, The sick and the lepers, You don’t judge the sinners, But forgive them of their sins, You don’t stone the harlot, But chastise religious men?,

You must have came in human form, So that we would see your love, That you know how it feels to cry, And to be walked on like a rug, That you know how it feels to laugh, And lose someone that you love, You know the joy of a wedding, And what temptation consists of, And you faced sin for us, And then you died in our place, You came just like us, So we can see your face, You came just like us, So we could be with you, You came just like us, So we could be born brand new, You came just like us, To show us how to live, You came just like us, To show us how to give, You came just like us, A demonstration of love, You came just like us, But fully God from above,

Now I see in the life that was lived by you, My righteousness has been bought, And I was made new, The moment you died and your last breath was drew, My first breath of eternity was drawn straight from you


God is doing some amazing things in my personal life and in the city of Stockton!!! Sometimes we think that living the dream means less work when its exactly the opposite. We cannot expect reward without sacrifice. Are you willing to put in the work that it takes to see your dreams come true? We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. He doesn't strengthen us to just sit around, no, He strengthens us to fulfill the work and calling on our lives!!!