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Lisa Seda / Blog


Want to say thank you to my thoughtful friends who have taken the time to listen and support my music ! Haunt me was voted number one video this month in share your music group page on fb. Am so grateful, it is because of others who take the time to support / listen to me and many artists that we are able to have the courage to share and continue creating and doing what we love!! Haunt me is a deeply personal song that I wrote reflecting on loss... The video I created was a expression of that message in the song that stemmed from raw emotion ...Thank you for allowing me to share ,I appreciate you all so much 3 Always Lisa xoxo

Independant Artist spotlight show

Am excited to be featured Saturday June 21, 2014 at 4:00pm eastern time zone with Robert Rivers at http://riverheadradio.com/ A Independant Artist Spotight show that will be featuring my music for a hour. Am Grateful for the opportunity to share my music! and so appreciative to all those who have taken the time to listen/ support :) 3

On The Wall

"Its funny how time goes by counting seconds one by one.. close your eyes take your mind to another place in the sun.. loneliness takes its toll from a child to some old soul.. Turn around look behind you count the numbers on the wall ..you take for granted what you want to its just the same old song" On the wall was inspired upon reflecting about the many lonely and and homeless. Growing up in NYC, living around the corner at the time from a homeless shelter wishing somehow things could be different , now years later the shelter is no longer there but yet poverty and homelessness still existing there and abound all over the world.. http://youtu.be/Tt54WNHNYXQ


Never thought I'd see the day that one of my favorite artist,Suzanne Vega would communicate and send me a message, was taken a back that she did! Am so grateful to have a chance to connect with Artists here on RN who I look up to who inspire me with their uplifting example and original creations, BLESS YOU !!! 3 always. Lisa

Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (2 months ago)

WOW and WOW. Now this is awesome. Now that's out of this world. What a feeling for you. I remember buying her 1st album when it came out and everyone said.."Who's she?"....I laugh at this now.

Lisa Seda
Lisa Seda  (2 months ago)

Steve am forever grateful to even have had a chance to communicate and to get a response is something that will always treasure , truly a real inspiration growing up trying to find my way, becasue of artists like her who beg to differ ,showing one can find their own path ...bless you friend :):), Lisa


One song at a time...I was inspired to write/play and record all the songs on Longing on my own, Using a irig I plugged in my guitars , added bass lines and figured out the progressions to add some other instruments on other songs ..all along Through trial and error following my instincts Stayed up many late nights putting down the leads and vocal tracks , then fininally mixing and putting it altogether .I tryed my best to express the heart of what I was trying to convey in each song through melody and words. So happy to share with others...the heart of inspiration will always be others , Who have showed me there's always another way to express yourself through words and music ...I wiill count my blessing today and always bless you , Lisa 3333

DesignByNorman  (3 months ago)

#awesome All the best... Keep it up! I can't wait :)

Lisa Seda
Lisa Seda  (3 months ago)

Thank you Norman I appreciate all your thoughtful support!! Your a great person and creative musican/ friend bless you always much peace and light to follow you, Lisa

Chuck Hughes on Chapman Stick®
Chuck Hughes on Chapman Stick®  (3 months ago)

Good move. In that same amount of time you could have gone through three different collections of players and still not ended up with a completed recording.


Happy palm sunday to all.. waking up today feeling grateful /joyous for yesterday I had a great time listening to all the different artist on new fame radio feeling blessed to be able to share and listen/ support. "Haunt Me" was aired !:) Big shout out to Ralph and Georg for the uplifting support and class act station:) bless you all, Lisa

Ralph'ys music of the world

Feeling so appreciative for having had the opportunity to be heard yesterday on Ralph'ys music of the world radio show on famemusicradio.com radio live broadcast global was a honor to be a part of the set list to be played in his awesome show. amazing original artist from all over the country who were not only talented but very inspirational artist , would like to give a special thanks to Ralph for his kindness , amazing show that truly unites So many while allowing individuals to share their own creations, show started a bit later do to a power outage but incredibly was running back full on after a delay and aired from the beginning live broadcast that was so well put together and so supportive to so many I would like to give a big shout out to all those who took the time to support and to listen, would like to share that my supportive and thoughtful niece recorded the show on her mac so grateful she did I was lost in the moment and didn't record it myself . She Posted it on my page for all those who were unable to log on cause of the power failure ,thank you my dear niece love you for always being a support, pss. The song they played Was a surprise they decided to play IIIUMINATE .Bless you all this Sunday afternoon SHINE ON!! Till the next.... much peace and love to all!!! Lisa

The Stranger Than Paradise Band
The Stranger Than Paradise Band  (4 months ago)

Well done! I will be downloading it for a listen!

Haunt Me

Haunt Me, is the most recent song I wrote and the fastest it was born out of sheer inspiration of reflection. Reflection of those people who I love and loved that have left my life , in death and in life, like my mother and others in death and my father through abandonment . Yet feeling so passionate about wanting them to still somehow be with me although not physically present anymore. At one time or another in our lives we all have had or will have a experience of some sort of feeling of Loss .Haunt Me is about having the courage to let go but finding the strength to move on.. Bless you all.. Always Lisa

Susan Sanchez
Susan Sanchez  (4 months ago)

Oh God, just beautiful Mrs. Seda. Loved it man and the inspiration behind this song and all your other songs!!

Lisa Seda
Lisa Seda  (4 months ago)


Phase X
Phase X  (4 months ago)

I got kind of a chill as I read this and listened to your song at the same time. I can really identify with what you are saying. This is a really great track!

Steve Inglis
Steve Inglis  (3 months ago)

Yeah, it was immediate the pure emotion rocked me to my soul. It was this Lisa that truly moved me. The emotion in your voice is so very strong. My heart felt it deeply.

Lisa Seda
Lisa Seda  (3 months ago)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment Steve am inspired to hear that you took something positive from my song , that's what it's all about always the connection that we can all have to the universal feeling and emotions that we can identify with .music has been a healing source of energy for me to express myself . Listening to other artists has helped me see there's always another way to express what your feeling ...through music anything is possible bless you and thank you again Steve , Lisa


Theres always a certain line that gets stuck in your mind, because it reminds us of a place, a moment in time or a person... so happy to be able to share my new music with you all hope you can take a bit of something from my words...


My music gives me a voice To feel , To see, To Hope: God, I'm grateful to still be able to do what I love. To have it embraced Is more then I could ever imagined. Thank you to every single person who has taken the time to listen/ support means so much peace to all :) always Lisa