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Andy Nolte / Blog

Album Update

I've finally completed tracking for my debut! We're currently in the edit and mixing phase, then off to mastering and printing!! Although it took longer than I'd originally anticipated to complete this project; I'm extremely pleased with the results. I recently purchased a Vox amp that I in turn used to record the last guitar tracks for the record. If I finished the project last year I wouldn't have had this toy yet, so I guess it all works out! Anyway, you can expect an official Cd release announcement in the next few months, thanks for your interest!

Demos Online

I've recently started using my Soundcloud page to host my original demos of songs from both my upcoming solo album, and Mostly Dead songs. I've also got a few obscure b-sides of material that has not been recorded on any album and can only be heard on Soundcloud. So if you ever wondered what my music sounds like before it gets to a band, now you can hear, here: http://soundcloud.com/andynoltemusic Enjoy! UPDATE: 10/16/13 I've now posted all my demos from my debut solo effort "The Vanity Tapes"; onto my Soundcloud page.

Web Crawling

Since Reverbnation does not currently link to ALL my online pages, I've listed them here for those interested. So far you can find or follow me from these locations; http://soundcloud.com/andynoltemusic https://myspace.com/andynolte1 http://youtu.be/PSIho--Xk5o https://www.facebook.com/pages/Andy-Nolte/146995828830948 https://twitter.com/AndyNolte1 More to come over the next few weeks so stay tuned... https://andynolte.bandcamp.com/

About "The Vanity Tapes"

In December 2012, inspired by the imminent arrival of my first child and the coming new year, I wrote and recorded a collection of songs that would become my first solo effort. This demo was the start of The Vanity Tapes. The songs are my attempt at a return to “traditional songwriting craft”. Utilizing Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies Cards and backed by an all-star roster of local musicians; I'm currently re-tracking all the songs in the studio. Stay tuned for the official release date. UPDATE: 10/16/13 The album is almost finished. So far it features the additional talents of these extraordinary musicians; Mike Blanchard, Utah Hamrick, Sam Arnold, Aaryn Russell, Mike Goreham, Phil Davidson, Michelle Kahan, Gina Holton & Leila Henley. There are still several more amazing players I'm trying to coordinate with to finish the record but it's already turned into something epic! I'm so fortunate to know such talented people. If I can find time to finish tracking everyone, my hope is to put it out early next year.

Posted my first live video today.

I posted a video of me performing my song "Waiting Room". It's my first experiment at being a one man band, I'm using a Korg Micro Sampler keyboard as a drum machine and for my various samples. It works well with simple song arrangements like this one, or solo piano ballads. I'm still working out the kinks and trying to decide whether to recruit a backing band or not...

Getting started...

Today begins my new career as a solo artist. Starting up various websites, finishing the first record, gathering artwork, etc. I have very big plans so i hope you'll tune in to check out my debut album "The Vanity Tapes"!