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A friend in need

You know what? Let's not put too much analysis in to this. We have a friend who struggles with his finances on a daily basis and we're just trying to do a little something nice for him to help him pay for some of the uninsured doctor visits and medical tests he needs that are way too expensive to cover by himself. Here's what's going on: We've put together a great night of acoustic music comprised of some great local talent (and even one from overseas!) If you just want to be a compassionate, generous type and would like to donate to his cause, even if you don't know him, well THANK YOU ever so much! But listen, if you happen to be one of Marc's followers, as we are, and have enjoyed the benefits of his music and events through the years, whether it be at one of his many vibrant ROCKFree Open Mics, at a Rogues' gig, a Reviver's Live Band Karaoke session, at a rousing HARD80 rockfest or even one of his more laid-back Marc Fox Acoustic Showcases, well, now's a good time for payback and a huge thank you to this really good guy and all he's done for the local Queens, NY music scene. We are aware that a Wednesday night might be a little rough going for many of you, so while you may not be able to make it out for this event, which we'd obviously prefer you attend and 'show the love' in person, we still encourage you to purchase a 'donation' ticket here online as 100% of the proceeds will be going to Marc. There is no requirement, you can donate what you want, but we'd suggest at least $10 (or more if you got money burning a hole in your wallet). We will be passing around a collection jar on the night of the event as well. Artists that will be performing: Corey Sky George & Gina (Fear for Hope) Bad Cardigan TheBandCC Marc Fox In advance, thank you all so very much for the support!


Working on song #5 for our new CD and its sounding SWEET!!!


Thanks to all our Jango supporters - over 14,000 plays and 158 FANS


Thank you to everyone bringing our number up (down) - keep it coming, go to our shows and like us on facebook - come hang out with us when we play - we love getting to know our fans!!!!


Check out our brand newly vamped site - http://thebandcc.com/ - if anyone needs a revamp or a site created let me know ours did a great job!!!!!!!


Hey - we are on youtube, facebook, twitter, reverbnation, tumblr, www.thebandcc.com - numerous ways to catch up with us so what are you waiting for????

Don't Be Shy

Come down and say hi when you come to our gigs, have a drink with us :-) We LOVE getting to know our fans!!


******SURVEYTIME******* - TheBandCC wants your opinion - two questions - 1. Do you like our band 2. If you like our band 3. If you like our band why wouldn't you buy a CD or come to see a show (obviously if you go to our shows or have bought from us this survey is not directed at you for answering) 4. Is there something we could be doing to get people to come down or buy our merchandise and if so what?? We would LOVE the feedback and would like to know what our fans/followers think...Thanks!


******TheBandCC NEWS ALERT******** Get our songs off iTunes while you still can - Due to lack of interest and lack of funds to keep them up there we will be taking them down - we will still be selling our CDs at our LIVE shows...Take TheBandCC home with you!!!