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TheBandCC / Blog


Working on song #5 for our new CD and its sounding SWEET!!!


Thanks to all our Jango supporters - over 14,000 plays and 158 FANS


Thank you to everyone bringing our number up (down) - keep it coming, go to our shows and like us on facebook - come hang out with us when we play - we love getting to know our fans!!!!


Check out our brand newly vamped site - http://thebandcc.com/ - if anyone needs a revamp or a site created let me know ours did a great job!!!!!!!


Hey - we are on youtube, facebook, twitter, reverbnation, tumblr, www.thebandcc.com - numerous ways to catch up with us so what are you waiting for????

Don't Be Shy

Come down and say hi when you come to our gigs, have a drink with us :-) We LOVE getting to know our fans!!


******SURVEYTIME******* - TheBandCC wants your opinion - two questions - 1. Do you like our band 2. If you like our band 3. If you like our band why wouldn't you buy a CD or come to see a show (obviously if you go to our shows or have bought from us this survey is not directed at you for answering) 4. Is there something we could be doing to get people to come down or buy our merchandise and if so what?? We would LOVE the feedback and would like to know what our fans/followers think...Thanks!


******TheBandCC NEWS ALERT******** Get our songs off iTunes while you still can - Due to lack of interest and lack of funds to keep them up there we will be taking them down - we will still be selling our CDs at our LIVE shows...Take TheBandCC home with you!!!


Oh and what do these things have in common - the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, santa claus and the bands that went earlier in the lineup last night that were thoughtful enough to stay for all the bands who played in a show of comraderie and respect and unity and just plain out courtesy and a love for independent music and a need to support others??? (theme from jeopardy).....wait for it....just a LITTLE longer...Ok - the thing they have in common are they are figments of your IMAGINATION!!!!!!!! Seriously - when we go to gigs we try (cause yes we are all human) to stay for at least the gig before us and after us but try to stay the whole night to support all the bands. Why cant anyone else show that respect?? Why is it so hard? We totally could have gone upstairs and hung out and waited for them to be done but we didnt and what did the band before us do? Played MORE songs when they went over in time (making us late in our set start), took their time getting off the stage (How long DOES it take to pack a megaphone REALLY?? Inquiring minds DO want to know??) and then proceeded to speak loudly whilst we started playing - right up to the stage and had a conversation - were we that rude to you? NOPE - but its ok cause guess what - Karma is a real b*tch and will catch up to everyone - yes even you and oh yes you, the one hiding now, yes you too!!


Playing 4 gigs this sat - MMNY Festival where we are playing: Noon to 1pm - Goodbye Blue Monday 1:15 - 2:15pm - Maria Hernandez Park 4-4:30pm - Two Moon Cafe THEN we are playing an acoustic show at the Zebra Club in Copiague that evening - 4, count them, 4 chances to see us in one day - how's that for open access!!! Come down and support Independent Music!!!!!