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Vocals recording experience #1

Hello people.

I just wanted to share a little recording tip with you all. While recording my vocals for Sehraa initially I was finding it difficult to monitor my own pitch at places, because I was wearing closed headphones. This pitch issue was annoying as the recorded track was off at places, where as it would not be off if I sing it normally.

We found out that the pitch issue was due to the headphones. Even if there is the slightest delay in the vocal track you hear in the headphones while you are recording, you might lose track. Plus, the natural way of getting a feedback of your own voice via ears is compromised with the headphones.

So, I tried lifting the left ear piece slightly while singing and it solved the problem. But holding it with one hand may interfere with singing freely. So I used to slide the left ear piece half way over the ear and that worked well. Hope this helps some of you who are thinking about recording.

- Swapna

Patrick Sporrer
Patrick Sporrer  (8 months ago)

Thanks for this tip! I found I have the same "pitch" problem when recording my vocals as my voice always sounds better when just singing around the house. Will give this a try next time I record! =)