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Ceol Leinn / Blog

The wonderful world of Ceol Leinn

We drove 10 hours up to Delaware Saturday the 11th; played the next morning for 4 hours and turned around and drove 10 hours back home. But it was a good paying gig… will help pay for some studio time. Last week we played at the SC State Fair in Easley, SC... and had to put up with one of the biggest A-- holes I've run into recently ... and he was the "sound engineer." ...I use that term loosely. I am amazed at the attitude I see sometimes with sound and light techs... They never stop to think.." one of those people in the band may be someone that could give me some business..." or "one of those bands could get somewhere someday, and I want them to remember me..." Obviously I'll remember the sound company that was at the fair....NOT. We are carrying on the never ending saga of "Finding a good paying Gig." It gets tier some at times, but as with everything else...it is necessary. What’s odd… we are getting shows from Delaware to Florida, but we can’t get the local...who ever it is that books the Hickory Alive series to book the band here at home. They use tired rock cover bands and other stuff. Now I actually wonder if anyone will read this…..or for that matter actually care….LOL