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Mark 'Mississippi Slide' Jeghers / Blog

Notes about "Everybody Works But Pappy"

"Everybody Works But Pappy" (by me) is defintely an act of God! This tribute to my Dad (who passed away in 2005) is based on a silly snippet of a song he used to sing; it just came to me all at once.

Notes about "Slidin' Delta"

"Slidin' Delta" (by J. D. Short) is one of the oldest known blues songs; J. D. Short heard this being sung when he was a child in 1907. The "Slidin' Delta" was a very slow train that ran through Mississippi. This haunting song struck me because it was so rich with emotion, and yet so timeless after almost 100 years. My recording features the sound of an actual Crosby 3-chime 6-inch steam whistle, which I found to be the most eerily-beautiful of all the old train whistles.

Notes about "Spirit in the Sky/Sanctified Boogie Chillin"

"Spirit in the Sky/Sanctified Boogie Chillin" (by Norman Greenbaum/John Lee Hooker) has come together very rapidly! This classic psychedelic Jesus-freak anthem has been kit-bashed with some John Lee Hooker boogie blues, including bits of his flagship song "Boogie Chillin" blended in (with "sanctified" lyric changes).

Notes about "Stormy Monday"

"Stormy Monday" (by Aaron 'T-Bone' Walker) is finally done, and I have a sample worth hearing!! It took literally weeks getting this lead guitar part right (my fingers suck at lead riffs).

Notes about "Rats 'N' Roaches"

"Rats 'N' Roaches" (by Silas Hogan) is an obscure but very cool tune about unwelcome guests in the kitchen. My friend Ernie finally came by and added a sizzling lead guitar solo!

Notes about "Walking Blues"

"Walking Blues" (by Robert Johnson) is a classic tune from before World War II. This is my first unplugged tune; I use a bottle-neck slide on my 12-string acoustic guitar, which has a unique sound.

Notes about "The Cool 23rd"

"The Cool 23rd" (by King David, arranged by Dennis Buettner, Bob Fuss, Tim Neblung, Dave Sheffield and Tom Van De Pol) is completed. In case you didn't guess, this is the 23rd Psalm from the Bible, only done as light jazz (not exactly blues, but close enough).

Notes about "Bromophenol Blues"

"Bromophenol Blues" (by me) is pretty much done. I wrote this song roughly 25 years ago about my college chemistry class. The name is a direct reference to a chemical that was supposed to turn blue in our lab experiments, but, of course, it failed to change color for me.

Notes about "Before You Accuse Me"

"Before You Accuse Me" (by Bo Diddly) is pretty much done. This rendition is a fairly intense blues-rock interpretation of the song. This is the first blues tune I ever recorded using Cakewalk; it was then I realized, "Hey, I could actually do this!"