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Muhafiz Ghazi / Blog

My Prayer

It is of my utmost importance to be here for you as you have been there for me. Although I find myself serving others in their time of need, so long as their actions do not involve sin, my main purpose is to serve you and show that I am, in fact, a true believer in you, the most merciful. Many may doubt these words due to my wrongdoings in the past, however; this is of no concern to me for those who lack faith are mere judgers. Only you preserve that right. Therefore, the many who feel the desire to take this role upon themselves are not true believers. It is you to whom I ask not to let me fear those of this nature or to fall under any of there blatant or discreet influences that have misguided such an abundance of souls. This is all I ask. I care not for wealth or earthly possessions and prosperity, only salvation. Ameen

This Man's Story

"Today while at work, I had a great revelation. I saw a little boy, and he was questioning everything. He was asking "why?" and it was in that moment that I saw something great.

That little boy was seeing things that most adults today just ignore and/or don't see because they're not open-minded enough. From that it made me think about "God" or whatever you'd like to call it.

I'm not a religious person, however I'm deeply spiritual in many respects. I've seen too much to not believe some force exists within the cosmos.

This little boy made me think of how blessed he was. It was as though, with his fresh young mind, curious and always asking why, that he was seeing through God's eyes.

He didn't judge nor did he seem like the type of person who would judge.

I continued to think and think (like how my mind does) about this brief interaction.

What if, I thought, that when we're born, we're given the principles of God or the Higher Power, and as we grow up, learning about a specific religion or familial way of thinking, our minds are corrupted in thinking that we should accept these certain people, and not others?

That we should follow these ways, but not what our hearts tell us to.

Children, even animals, see so much more than adults, and as we get older, we tend to fall victim to what everyone else is thinking, and some of these "rules" are in a way, "evil" (i.e. denying human beings rights namely because of what was written in a book that has been translated, re-translated, added onto, and taken parts out says so.)

It makes me think that children, when born, see what God sees; and as we get older, we forget and are molded by the people we grow up around.

It really struck me hard and deep and I was just wondering what you all thought about it." ~some guy named Joey Ross

My Head

I want to help humanity for my own selfish reasons because I feel the burden of all injustice on my shoulders, I can't help it I've felt like that forever. I feel the starvation of Samalis, I hear the screams innocent people falling victim to desperation, and even sense the frustration going on in the hood in the western world where poverty couldn't be more misplaced. It's can be rather distressful, but now I've figured how to turn this into something productive and I'm really going to try and make a difference in this bizarre world. Until there is some sort of peace on Earth I will never have peace of mind.


The natural state of being is fearful, this is necessary for evasion of predators, humans, possessing the prefrontal lobe have turned this fear into very complex things. The end result will often be a generally negative outcome. You can see it psychologically but you can also see it sociologically. Psychologically a person will get less out of life, meaning activities one enjoys won't be pursued to the maximum potential. Sociologically, you see, we are still very primitive beings. There was probably one family on this earth forever ago. But then that family turned to two families turned to three families etc... Those people really had no reason to stick together but they did. Why? Because of fear, The fear of death. What people have forgotten is that death is a part of life, so there for it is beautiful. I'm not saying go kill yourself or others, in fact I'm discouraging that. Let things take their natural course and see what happens. Live with a loving curiosity. It is my belief that god is imperfect and we are its experiments. So therefore there is no wrong as long as you are preserving life. This fear has caused a lot of people to believe that god has human traits, which is beyond ridiculous there are so many forms of life, you really think of every species out there god would be like a human? "There is nothing to fear but fear itself" The only reason to fight is if there's a scarcity of a necessary supply for survival.