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T.U.I. Taggers Under the Influence / Blog

Taggers Under the Influence

Mass Media has grown into a corrupt entity seeking worldwide thought control of the masses. Enlisting Celebrities, Clergymen, and mainstream musicians, to further their agenda. Politicians playing God and tempting fate. 1% elitists plotting a global culling and mass extermination. Guided by the Georgia Stones, they seek to bring the global population under 500 million. Governments constructed to carry out global domination, under the guise of freedom. I have seen our future, and the carnage in store for the blind masses. I have seen the Police State our world is devolving into. I have seen the Eye in the Sky that seeks omnipotence. Is It Possible to avert? Born from states of mental disconnect, and chemical experimentation. When my mind finally left my body this is what I saw. These are my ¡NDUCED V¡S¡ONS. Hatchet McBrain missing in action for years and years locked up on drug and weapons charges. released back to the streets. Listen to the inside of a twisted mind, make sense out of the void. A truly wicked mind for apocalyptic times . A voice for the masses. Graffiti on your mind and words are the paint that he sprays

Mission of educating and stopping racial hate crimes. In 2001 my best friend Eric Valdez AKA Jack the Ripper, was murdered in cold blood simply because of the color of his skin. The ultimate act of hate. -DOPE FIEND "Killin Bigots, Killin Ignorance"-HATCHET MCBRAIN