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Melville Walbeck / Blog

New & Improved Web Site, Plus Some Tunes!

Welcome Friends and Fans, old and new. The Simple Groove is happy to announce the release of its revised web site, along with a whole crap-ton of music that we'll spam your ears with.

Here's the deal:

Our web site, http://thesimplegroove.com has recently went through a mild facelift (courtesy of http://www.primedesignsolutions.com). We got rid of some of our clutter and we want to mainly use it as a place where you can download our music. There are still some minor fixes, but we'll get those in place shortly.

Our newest endeavor is what we call The Farmhouse Sessions. They are our home studio recordings that range from originals to covers. Our first release, Farmhouse Session 1, is a cover recorded--wait for it--in costume amongst our friends during a Halloween party. Yes, quite a show it was. As such, we felt it only fair to take on another band identity that evening, so...Session 1 delivers to you six of our favorites from the one and only Ani Difranco.

How to get 'em:

You can listen without downloading them at our blog, http://thepondfish.blogspot.com/. J is responsible for the main updates at that site. If you want the entire set, you can download it, unzip it, and load it on to your mp3 player for all day listening at http://thesimplegroove.com.

Of course, we'll keep you informed of new releases through Facebook (most of those updates will come from Chelsea), and we'll try to keep your wall spam to a minimum. There are many, many more to come, so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for listening.

--The Simple Groove