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European Tour 2015

THE REKKENING is excited to announce we will be touring France & Germany 2015 ! Stay tuned for details ! Thanks for all your support over the years.

Bikes Against Bullies Charity Ride

We have the pleasure of being part of is the annual "Bikes Against Bullies" charity ride for the Amanda Todd Legacy Society which is an important entity to help stamp out bullying. The charity ride will start in Coquitlam BC and end up and the world renowned Trev Deely Harley Davidson Museum and dealership in Vancouver BC. We are are very honoured to be part of the days entertainment and will be performing a selection of unplugged material. As well there will be important speakers, performances, food and beverage and family friendly fun as we rally together to look at the affects that bullying has on society and what we can do to help. Our last charity effort for the Amanda Todd Legacy Society resulted in a sizable donation and even got us some press in the Newspaper. You can read the article here http://www.thenownewspaper.com/entertainment/local-entertainment/anti-bullying-rockers-in-surrey-to-raise-cash-for-amanda-todd-legacy-society-1.846185

Amanda Todd Charity Fundraiser Concert !

Join us as we roar through a night of Rock, Metal and Punk in support of Amanda Todd Legacy - Staying Strong Six bands take to the stage, showing solidarity against bullying, with special performances by:

Born to Sever

The Harvest

Maiden BC


Bridges to Royal

Headlining: Random Dander

Tickets can be purchased online through Eventbrite and through your Tracey Lynn Satann


Valentines Meet & Greet !

THE REKKENING will be doing a meet & greet at Music Madhouse Records 9304 Salish Court, Burnaby BC.... heres all the details



GoReDzilla touched down on the tarmac @LAX 10am thurs morning. He is armed with some of our NEW cd's and will be doing an interview on CITY-TALK TV LA, as well as attending the http://www.bassplayer.com/LIVE convention, they will be honoring Geezer Butler! He will be doing and meet and greet with Robert Trujillo (Metallica) and handing him and many others our new cd. So get ready Hollywood you are about to get REKKED !! I have posted a FREE EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD FOR YOU ALL !!


We are hopefully picking up our NEW EP CD'S today. All the design is done and ready for print. Please Stand By!!


Hey All ! We are finally in the mastering stage of our NEW EP and can't wait for you all to hear it! Going to be epic and this is THE REKKENING like you've never heard before. Get Ready !!!


Auditioning a new potential drummer next Tues! Wish us luck ! BTW "SHE" kicks ass !!! We finished recording all the bed tracks and are STOKED to hear the final mix of our NEW EP! Being mixed and mastered by Ken Burke. GoReDzilla is working on the design for the cover and inserts, and we are compiling our thank you lists. !! There are so many people that contributed to the making of this EP, we are truly grateful and won't forget you! We are making a limited amounts of CD's on this run, so if you want 1 let me know and I'll make sure you get it BTW! This is The Day of REKKENING !


Finally finished recording all our tracks and now they are off to mixing and mastering. Soon my pretties, soon it will be available !!

Rekkening UPDATE

AUG 13 / 2013 We are currently recording our NEW EP !!!!!! The Rekkening stays true to what REAL music is about and are recording our NEW EP in a few days and we are doing it ALL ANALOG !

Thats right kids, 2" 24 track TAPE, with analog EVERTHING ! Since analog recording is vastly superior to digital mediums for its true recreation of sound, The Rekkening will be releasing our EP on VINYL RECORD (with a digital download card) and will have physical copies of our recording on CD format. As well we will have it available for digital download (of course.) We will be uploading new songs in October......maybe sooner.

And by the way, our little EP is going to rip your fucking heads off. You have been warned.....and we aren't kidding. This ain't your dads Rock n Roll