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A change in Life or How to stay sucker free

I am honest in this one . Did not Blog for a while, busy in lots a ways and i did not feel like pouring my heart out to no one. I just recently stopped smoking weed ( on a quest to start a family cause unfortunately i got sperm higher than Snoop Dogg and a piff break was necessary according to our doctor.) Let me explain myself a little further . I smoked to relax and i did it with a passion, to a degree, that some of you may would call me a chronic . After a long night at work before losing my thoughts in Reason 4.0, i liked to light one up. I love to smoke weed and as a former user of hard drugs, this is not an easy statement to make . Lot of fingers pointing towards recovering addicts like me, not AA involved but still on a path in the right direction even if they smoke some herbs . Is it for self medication, inspiration or for what ever reason, who really cares . I truly enjoy it and i liked to smoke amongst my "friends". And that's where this blog really begins .

Fuck " friends", that is if their only motivation is to smoke your dope, always ask for more beer but never really stop by with their own 6 Pack, unable to pay their own rent just so that you find em sleeping on your sofa. And why all that ? Cause i tried to be open for new friends and friendly as always .... A huge welcome sign that invites freeloaders, mooches and suckers . Live life in Love . What a nice idea, but what if this means to be a door mat for every piece of shit that would like to profit from your own hard work . Myself i accommodated the above mentioned, while i was still working full time, busy part time for an other agency and running a hip hop workshop for street entrenched kids . Not to mention that i am in a relationship and this alone needs commitment and is time consuming . Believe it or not, but some of those so called "friends" still had the balls to call me fake, cause i could not record a song with their whiny asses . Shit, i try to have a successful life, unlike you and i admit sometimes i am a little overwhelmed myself . I see it as a part of being an adult. Like paying rent, bills, working and yes, maybe even no time for my friends .

Musically i had to make sacrifices, if i wanted to or not . I had a hard time, finding an hour for myself to sit down and write lyrics . Night shift and all my other learning experiences ( i built my own recording studio the last two months with Big Butch together and concentrated on beat production as well as graphic design and Film the past couples of years ) kept me busy . Living that way almost tired myself out too much and i felt the need to start writing again. . The foundation was laid and an empire to be built . I am focused and realize that lots of the people surrounding me ain't worth my attention, but to let the frustration go, is still healthier than to eat it inside of me ... So fuck you, you punk and i am sure you know that i mean you .... Eat shit .... That is my only reaction for dirt like you from now on . Respect for the ones who deserve it.... And there ain't many .

I have love, a big heart, love for my family and we steady growing ... YPE 4 LIFE.... but i am way more selective .... I need home boys , soldiers , real thugs . Not some pussy with no guts just out for a freebie .

A great future is laying ahead and i am sure that i will meet a great deal of new faces, i just look behind the mask .

In this sentence i wanna welcome Big Nick 2 YPE , lets slay those punks.... Thanks to Jack Mercer for choosing our Studio for his album mix down...... And shouts go out to the whole Teflon Gang ....Thanks for coming in .... Lets take Vancouver over ....

Till next week ....

Keep it real and always work hard for what u want .....


Focus you life


This week's been crazy. Fuck i thought i figured life out, just to turn around and realize that i know shit. Success is a word that contradict itself . Personal as well as professional success comes hand in hand with overworking yourself, at least in my case it seems. Relationship matters get easy overlooked and friends as well as family frustrated .

SUCCESS, for me that words has a strong attraction . I can say that after trading my last electronic equipment, so to speak my microwave, for a 20$ amount worth of crack cocaine three years ago, i am eager to achieve as much as i can . I gained lots, material stuff as well as educational knowledge but lost focus over small things and even myself.

Working two jobs, excluding my two workshops that i run in my free time ( In the youth jail as well as at a youth resource center ) made me go in all different kind of directions but specific projects and promises suffered.

Long time since "The Voice Of The Streets" should have been done and i have to admit, even i owe to myself and to you guys a few more fresh new tracks, new material, new music . I had no time for my own music that it made myself a little nuts. SELF-CARE !.

FOCUS YOUR LIFE and the mind needs structure . I dream big , i know, but its time to walk the talk .

Young Prophecy enterprises and Big Butch Records just merged into a studio space, soon open for business and a heaven as a platform for myself and Scott Armstrong as artists, producers and engineers . There will be definitely more info on that, in the next weeks blob .

Till Then, Live, Laugh, Love and Hustle and in all the good work don't loose focus, take care of yourself

Much Luv