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New Music Added to Reverbnation/Destination

4 New Songs! From Destination Gypsy Pass it on.

Destination Gypsy & Lemme Kilmister of Motorhead

Destination Gypsy & Lemme Kilmister of Motorhead Partying in West ... from Destination Gypsy� "Unleash Your Inner Gypsy" � 2012 Destination Gypsy All Rights Reserved http://www.destinationgypsy.com

Destination Gypsy™ Clothing Line

Preview a Tuesday Teaser or Two From Destination Gypsy™ Clothing Line Designer Products by Purple Rock Founder Destination Gypsy Let us Know How you Like it. Visit Us: http://www.destinationgypsy.net

"Metal House of Rock"

Purple Gypsy's Wassup....Finally New Episode "Judgement and Covenant Renewal" Get More out of Life With MHOR at Metal house of Rock !

Cool Stuff yes! "It's Slamatouchous Sunday" http://www.metalhouseofrock.com

DG New TV & Film Agent in Hollywood & Leading Role in New...

Destination Gypsy Recently Signed With A New TV & Film Agent in Hollywood and to Play Main Character in New Martial Art Movie Los Angeles http://www.destinationgypsy.com

Destination Gypsy in Los Angeles News

Check out the Big Demeanor From Pasadena Destination Gypsy at Festival in LA.


God and Devil Like Images Watched Destination Gypsy ?

I was in my pool in Sin City (Las Vegas) and started taking pictures of myself the day before getting baptized in my pool by my tattooed biker pastor, and a couple hours later I uploaded to my computer and in the sunglasses this is what I saw.

I can't explain so only two powerful things came to my mind that could do this crazy sh1t, and later that night I was on my laptop in my backyard which was only lit by the moonlight, and as I looked up into the sky I saw made of clouds.

A face which was so huge, and creepy looking too a star was it's earring, then i saw more and more faces in the night sky, I just wish I got pictures of that too, but I was way too scared to move.

You Gotta See This Video "God and Devil" in My Video Section http://www.reverbnation.com/destinationgypsy "These are Real Images As Captured With My Camera"

Destination Gypsy Baptized in his Own Swimming Pool

Destination Gypsy Baptized in his Own Swimming Pool Only at "Metal House Of Rock" http://www.metalhouseofrock.com

New Updates: http://www.destinationgypsy.com/

Purple Gypsy's From Madrid Spain Meet and Eat With Destination Gypsy

Destination Gypsy and some of his fans met full story and pictures ....


King of Pop Producer w/Destination Gypsy @ Las Vegas Lakes Exclusive plus Pic

17 Gold Albums 3 Platinum Albums 3 Gold Singles King of Pop Producer w/DG @ Las Vegas Lakes Pic http://www.clearbluesunrecords.com -Stan A&R