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artie rossi / Blog

Mike Conway Irish Fiddle on The First Day Of Your Life.

New song featuring the talents of Mike Conway Traditional Irish Fiddler. I am very grateful to Mike for coming into the studio and playing his happy violin on this tune! Enjoy!

soon to get done.

Soon to come Americana/Bluegrass Specialist Jay Delmeier to play Mandolin and Banjo tracks on two new songs.I appreciate Jay coming into the studio after being so busy in Trenton and Philly with numerous projects.

on the other side of midnight

What a winter, so overcoming a few health obstacles we were able to go back into the studio and record 3 new songs laying basic tracks down getting them prepped for the fluff of fiddles, oboes, banjos and mandolins. we have 4 in the queue waiting to wrap up. I am so grateful to friends who record and play for the love of the game. Thank you all. we will have some local Jersey Shore greats playing.

Great News!

I just heard from one of the Jersey Shore's top Irish Fiddlers, we may be able to finish new song this weekend in the analog studio! I am pumped!

A Brighter Day

I have 4 new songs to complete, 2 are 100% Bluegrass,1 is 50% Folk/Bluegrass and 1 New Age. I Just need a violin track on one, the other 3 need full production with Mandolin Banjo Fiddle and Oboe. I have been under the weather for a bit.I just want to get back to the music.

On Daddy's Shoulders Home

I remember being at Jones Beach on Long Island as a very young kid being tucked under my father's arms cutting through the breakers with the speed and skill of a Dolphin - safe and free in Daddy's arms. I am very happy to put out this song.Featuring the guitar skills of Bobby Donofrio on lead guitar ( on loan from Me and Bobby D.). Bobby did this in honor of his father. Mike Penny on Drums and Bass. Acoustic Guitar and Vocals me, Lyrics/Music by me. Copyright 2014/BMI. In Honor Of All Our Dads. On Daddy's Shoulders Home, we'll always be safe.

A lot of music going on!

Lazy Days is based on a true experience with my # 1,2,3 sons and some friends at Negro Bill Campground on the banks Colorado River outside of Moab Utah. Featuring the true Americana and Bluegrass talents of Jay Delmeier (Jay Toxic) on Banjo and Mandolin. And enjoying the Harmonies and Whipoorwill calls of Bobby Donofrio of "Me and Bobby D." Thanks.

George Terebush on Harp in "It Is What It Is"

George Terebush is on Harmonica.In addition, George is a concert level, philharmonic, Carnegie Hall quality Trumpeter (He can be heard on 39 Degrees N 107 Degrees W). Moreover,George is a Guitarist,Ventriloquist, Magician and Entertainer, just one of the unsung(or in this case sung) heroes of local music out there.Thanks George!

The Creator

The Creator - I am blessed to release this new song featuring Vic Cappetta on Flute,Charles H.(The Swiss Watch)Hendgartner on Vocals/Afuche, International Percussionist W. Dimitris Kulaga on Vocals/Percussion and Accessories. Mike Penny on Bass and Drums. artie rossi on Vocal and Rhythm Acoustic Guitar Music written by Joshua (Smokey Bear) Rossi, Lyrics by artie rossi. Thanks to the gang of friends and family.......ENJOY!! Copyright 2014/ BMI


Music strengthens the soul.So good to awake with a song in my heart!!