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Richard Gallacher / Blog

New project and what im doing

Going to work towards touring a new album next year as yet untitled , working on it at present. Change to my video set up to fans used to the set up, only fans will be able to request a video to be uploaded for a while so become a fan and sign up to my mailing list so as not to miss anything,, Thank you



New live performance videos uploaded

New videos check them out, some original versions available for mp3 download on i-tunes Amazon and many other digital download sites.20/08/14

Played Macsorleys

Not long back from Gig , did 3 songs at the open mic , went down well , must improve my guitar playing forgot to trim my thumb nail as i dont play with a pick , but im getting better.hopefully upload the gig to this site soon so remember and check back from time to time.

Macsorleys Glasgow

Hoping to play here on Wednesday night, will let you know how it goes.

venue search

of to Glasgow tomorrow in search of music venues to play , cant wait to take my songs out to an audience.

what a day

for the past twelve hours i have been converting four of my back catalogue albums to mp3,registering each of my tracks with my publisher , so watch out for some new songs and videos coming onto my site soon , i will keep you posted

Just back

Did not get to play the bar, but had a great time around the campsite, chilling meeting new musos, and of course singing a number of songs, and hearing other peoples songs and tunes really enjoyed it :)

Hoping to play a show next within next 2 weeks

Friday 27th of july sees the start of the Lomond folk festival, im going to call the organisers tomorrow to see if i can get a slot, as you may have noticed if your a regular visitor here, i have added 5 new songs/videos if not check them out, they are from my fourth album titled thanks and i have decided that all 8 songs from it i will donate 50% earnings to Oxfam America i feel they are a great worthwhile cause to support and if they can help the fight against world starvation and poverty then i am happy to do my bit.

Thank you

I am very greatful to everyone who has taken the time to either listen to my music or watch my videos, but i can see by my statistics most have not even scratched the surface of just how much is on offer for free, when you have time just sit back and chill with my work, it gets better the more times you here it, like radio, so please give it a chance and do not dismiss it, any feedback or questions welcome enjoy :)