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Decatur Creek / Blog

Recording in progress...

The rumors are true...! We are about halfway through recording our first CD. Watch for a release sometime this summer!

Link to "Out of the Woods" Radio Appearance

On 4/19 we were on the "Out of the Woods" radio show. Start at 1:29 at: http://archive.org/details/OutOfTheWoods-Show159-Wscs-fm-4-19-13

Decatur Creek defined

Decatur Creek (Du-ka'-tur Creek) prop. n. A trout stream (primary coordinates: 42.5867, -74.7535) sourced in the scenic country hills by county road 39 near Cooperstown, Otsego county, upstate New York where an impressionable youth once lived and never forgot. (Reference - "The Hick In Me" by Doug Farrell). Colloquial - an enjoyable acoustic musical experience where the simplicity of the past meets the complexity of the present. Typically results in smiling faces, tapping feet, and wanting for more