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AITG/Agony In The Garden / Blog

1000 Wings Campaign Kickoff

Good morning/evening my friends, Agony’s 1000 wings campaign will be launching today. I want to thank you all for your continued support and patience as my internet has been on veritable roller coaster but has now been set to right. In the process of campaigning I will most assuredly return your friendship and support. May you have a phenomenal end to your week. The campaign will launch this evening at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1491732124406720/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular 6pm EST and will run for 60 days! Please feel free to stop by. I look forward to seeing you. Cheers! Mack

Campaign Kickoff

You are cordially invited to join me Friday September 5th as I kick off my campaign for Agony’s http://www.agonyinthegarden.com/ EP to be produced by Corey Lowery at http://www.coreylowery.com/ with Garrett Whitlock as session drummer https://www.facebook.com/GarrettWhitlockOfficial?fref=ts. I would be honored to take this journey with you all. May the ashes of our success be scattered to a strong easterly wind.

On The Horizon

I am honored and humbled to announce that Corey Lowery has agreed to produce Agony’s EP and schedule permitting along with Garrett Whitlock as a session drummer on Agony’s project. Stay tuned for more updates to come!

New songs uploaded, please vote!

I have loaded some new demo’s to the page. Please come by and listen, comment, like etc when you can. There are two called Shadows and Dust, one called BD Shadows and Dust and one simply Shadows and Dust. Please listen and compare both. Leave a comment on Facebook or Reverb with your preference. In two weeks I will remove the one with the least votes.

Thank you and may the week serve you well.

Cheers, Mack

Aegis Rerelease

Good evening everyone! Raise your shields high as the battle ensues. Aegis Rerelease has arrived! Take the field with The Contagious Production House, David King, Main Street Studios, Jack The Bear of Deluxe Mastering & Agony In The Garden . Win the day for love, for heart, for glory. Please listen, comment & share!

On The Band Front

As of March 11th, 2014 Agony is a one man band again due to scheduling conflicts for the band. The band members were unable to record any music together. I am currently in the process of releasing songs for my EP which will be the material for the up and coming tour in the summer.

Thank you for staying the course my friends. I will continue to deliver the kind of music you have come to expect from Agony.

Please aid me in wishing my good friends Stackz, James and Mason a fond farewell, for they are great musicians indeed and will see much success, of this I am sure.


Friends, We hope the day finds you well and your endeavors reach the very stars themselves. Please join us in bringing to life Agony In The Garden’s Aegis. One of the tracks to come off the album Solace of the Damned. Your comments are more than welcome and appreciated for we hang upon your every word. We hope it is to your liking.

For your continued friendship and support we are most grateful.

Fair thee well and all things.


Agony is proud to announce a most historic and momentous event!

Agony is proud to announce a most historic and momentous event! The circle has formed now the band is complete. Let the battle begin in earnest.

Mack the vocal enigma possessing a most exquisite range. A voice so powerful, ferrying infinity to it’s end. Wielding legendary guitar skills, rhythm and licks cold enough to freeze the flames of hell.

Stackz, endowed with guitar skills beyond all mortal kin. Licks and rhythm ablaze with the fires of the sun. Searing the core of your soul.

James, thunderous and mythical bass skills, ensnaring and mesmerizing you with all the powers of the storm at his command.

Mason, harbinger of world shattering, ear splitting drum skills, parting the earth through the very sands of time.

Lyrics that could only be written in the stones, they will echo through eternity. Agony In The Garden gives all and ask for nothing in return.

Thank you all for staying the course we will continue to honor you as you have honored us. You are all most splendid friends and fans. Agony has a new EP due for release coming soon along with shows and tour dates to come. Please stay tuned for the press release and how you too can pick up Agony‘s new EP.

New song Shadows and Dust

Hey everyone, We have a new song out called Shadows and Dust. A proper mixed & mastered version will be coming soon via our record label, Sunny Dragon Records. Hope everyone likes the tune and thank you for listening. Without you there is no Garden for Agony to play in. Cheers!

New version of Wayward One

The brand new Wayward One is up. Please give it a listen. This was made just for you. Thank you fans and fellow musicians and hope you enjoy. Working hard in the studio, more to come very soon. Take care. Mack AITG