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Rock Bottom String Band / Blog

Now available through 1332records.com and iTunes. links below!!



there ya go folxxx, if ya cant get it there then come on out to a show and let us ruin yer evenin!

1332 and RBSB

well kids it hasnt even been a full year since we started doing this and we got us an album. Album will be titled "For Your Ragged Dollar" and will be released on 1332 Records http://1332records.com/ The album consists of 10 original tracks. We recorded live at Million Dollar Sound, that means nothing was tracked out or chopped up or moved around or synthesized. what you hear is how we sound live. We even have a few tricks up our sleeve too, Gary Lindsey (of black eyed vermillion, ass jack and the damn band)appears on Devil in Me with his signiture growl. Karen Thomas co-wrotes and performs back up vocals on Shell of a Man. Recorded, engineered, and mastered by Kurtis D. Machler and Gary Lindsey.

White swan

had an ok turnout at the legendary white swan. thanks to all who came out to show love for izzy cox and johnny pabst and us. thanx to JP for throwin our name in the hat for the booking

Busking at Mr. Fest

We made 66 bucks and a pack of smokes