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Erik Deela / Blog

Music "Pipeline" update

Fingerpicking gems: "The Earth Is Our Home" lyrics DONE. Next stop tune Sync "Life Is Life" lyrics DONE. Tune in progress.

New tune "On A Summer day"

Finally I have uploaded my brand new tune.

After so many remakes and takes - YES

"On A Summers Day" http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/20622107

Story about everything and nothing.

Walkabouts in imagination from the very early start, through basic needs and some cyber drifting too.

More challenging than expected this long tune of mine. A model 5:16.

As all my other tunes it is recorded in one go.

Recorded with Fourtrack+Guitarjack2 and Cubase as DAW.

I hope to get the VID on this one through internal QA this week too.

Hope You like it. Feel free to comment etc. Stay cool.

Pls. enjoy Erik Deela

Cubase workshop

For Your information during this week I have attended a limited but intensive Cubase workshop at 4Sound CPH on Mix Voodo tricks :-) Lots of inspiration. To be used on my new track "On A Summers Day" in pipeline. Stay cool Erik

Short or long tracks

Currently efforts trying to record my new tune. Have practiced for so lonnnnnnng...... time :D It's a 5 minutes long recording - each time. Yes I try a longer track this time. In the end of day a track is as long as it was meant to be :D

"For Your Babies" cover on Erik Deela Radio

Hope You are having a good time! "For Your Babies" (cover) which is my version of one of my Simply Red cover favs now on Jango.


Words and music by Mick Hucknall.

I have uploaded my own vid as well to this one.

Hope you like it.

Take care Have a fab day Erik

I'm still standing

Most of my tracks on Erik Deela Radio on Jango http://www.jango.com/stations/339739134/tunein

Recording window postponed - again. Anyway HNY.........I'm still standing :D

One have to be patient

"On A Summers Day" Recording not good enough during Recording Window week 43.

Instead used My time with Cubase on

"Tears In Heaven COVER" already on Mixcloud.

"Blackbird COVER" very soon.


"On A Summers Day" Remake

Have had two hard evenings re-shaping this new song. Rather brutal cut and remake twice of lyrics in order to be in sync with the heartbeat of the tune. But i just love This ;D 😎


"On A Summers Day" Blueprint on the table

My new song as well as walkabout in chords & tunes has left my body and on the table. One have to gradually shaping/change it all together while practice in the "box" :D

"On A Summers Day" songwriting

current main song writing project "On A Summers Day". Tune will hunt me until The end. Amazing phase - love it http://t.co/FFqqBQipGD