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Cubase workshop

For Your information during this week I have attended a limited but intensive Cubase workshop at 4Sound CPH on Mix Voodo tricks :-) Lots of inspiration. To be used on my new track "On A Summers Day" in pipeline. Stay cool Erik

Short or long tracks

Currently efforts trying to record my new tune. Have practiced for so lonnnnnnng...... time :D It's a 5 minutes long recording - each time. Yes I try a longer track this time. In the end of day a track is as long as it was meant to be :D

"For Your Babies" cover on Erik Deela Radio

Hope You are having a good time! "For Your Babies" (cover) which is my version of one of my Simply Red cover favs now on Jango.


Words and music by Mick Hucknall.

I have uploaded my own vid as well to this one.

Hope you like it.

Take care Have a fab day Erik

I'm still standing

Most of my tracks on Erik Deela Radio on Jango http://www.jango.com/stations/339739134/tunein

Recording window postponed - again. Anyway HNY.........I'm still standing :D

One have to be patient

"On A Summers Day" Recording not good enough during Recording Window week 43.

Instead used My time with Cubase on

"Tears In Heaven COVER" already on Mixcloud.

"Blackbird COVER" very soon.


"On A Summers Day" Remake

Have had two hard evenings re-shaping this new song. Rather brutal cut and remake twice of lyrics in order to be in sync with the heartbeat of the tune. But i just love This ;D 😎


"On A Summers Day" Blueprint on the table

My new song as well as walkabout in chords & tunes has left my body and on the table. One have to gradually shaping/change it all together while practice in the "box" :D

"On A Summers Day" songwriting

current main song writing project "On A Summers Day". Tune will hunt me until The end. Amazing phase - love it http://t.co/FFqqBQipGD

New song and vid "Wanna Be With YOU "

Uploaded my new song and vid

New song and vid "When Life Is Calling"

Uploaded my new song and vid “When Life Is Calling” http://www.reverbnation.com/erikdeela#!/artist/artist_videos/3250337

That's when you need to capture the moment and embrace the present. Hope You like it. Pls. enjoy Erik Deela