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Lost Dogma and the PBR

I know what you're thinking, yeah...so what, every band drinks PBR...and I would have to agree. But this is different, our song Sunny Divide has been chosen by the Professional Bull Riders Assoc. for their "Raging Bulls" video game!!! Download it FREE here: http://at.PBR.com/GXz7.

Going for broke

As I have been writing the music for this next Lost Dogma record I have been reflecting on past experiences all the while looking at the future and where this might go. I know you hear it all the time "go for broke" "give it all you got" and other sports like catch phrases, but this time, more than any other at least for me those ring more and more true. I really am faced with the fact that THIS is my calling card and I have no other choice but to be doing what I do at THE highest level I can. To write songs that will stand next to the great ones and go toe-to-toe with the classics and yet remain myself. I realize this is a tall order, but as the days get shorter my focus becomes clearer. This is who I am, and I have no choice. So yeah, I'm "going for broke"

PBR Video Game features Lost Dogma SONG!!

Ok, I've been sitting on this for awhile now and I can FINALLY announce that our song "Sunny Divide" will be included on the "PBR Raging Bulls" video game, soon to be released to the public. Lost Dogma will be in there with KISS, Uncle Kracker, Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, Jason Aldean, Ted Nugent, and many others. We are very excited about this opportunity and will keep you posted when the game is officially released.

New Lost Dogma

I just realized that I haven't updated my blog here in awhile. This has been a rebuilding year for Lost Dogma with all new band members, we've been working hard playing as many shows as we can and rehearsing 2 times per week. I think the new song count is somewhere around 16 or 17. I just licensed a couple songs to a pro-rodeo video game, I'll keep you posted on when it becomes available to the public. So, on September 13th we are having the annual "Virgo Party Show" This year it will be at Darrells Tavern. This will be our last show until December (unless something cool comes up) so you don't want to miss this one for sure!!! We are also sporting some new t-shirts for merch. Pick one up at the show or if you want to order one thru the mail contact Knick Knack Records Thanks again for your continued support on this big adventure.

Welcome Ben Mish to the band!!!

Oh my, SOOOO much is going on I can barely keep it all straight..hmmm, let's see, let's start with the fact that you will soon be able to hear Lost Dogma music played at Seatac Airport. Next, we are proud to announce that Lost Dogma has been accepted onto the roster of AudioSocket Music Licensing company. We are REALLY excited about this opportunity and have submitted several songs to them already.

Last but not least, Saturday March 30th we are returning to Fremont with some KILLER bands at The High Dive. This is our first show of 2013 and also it will be the debut of our newest member. We would like to welcome Ben Mish into the Lost Dogma family. Ben plays keyboards, harmonica and sings in his own band, perhaps you may have heard of them.... Left Hand Smoke, you should check them out. So yes, there will be more announcements over the coming weeks, all of it progress in the right direction. It's going to be a great summer and we can't wait to rock your faces OFF!!! See ya at the show!!! Lost Dogma Toby Michael Ben Dave Travis

Podcast, show & recording news...

First thing, I'd like to give a shout-out to all of our new fans that have found us thru www.Jango.com Thanks for listening. Next, I'd like to announce that we are STILL sitting in the #1 position on the www.reverbnation.com Americana Charts for the Seattle area and have been hovering around #90 for the entire United States. Last week I did a podcast radio show on NWCN, you can find the show archived on iTunes and also at www.nwconvergencezone.com Work on the new record is almost complete and we are going thru cover art now...Hopeful for an April 2012 release date. www.knickknackrecords.com Last but not least, for those in the Seattle area, we have a show Thursday Jan 26th at High Dive in Fremont. www.highdiveseattle.com Well, that's it for now...SEE YA AT THE SHOW!!! Lost Dogma

Shows for 2012

Looks like I had better ask for a new set of strings for Christmas!! I have been booking acoustic shows everywhere from Bellingham to Portland. Check the calendar for updates. We are excited to be playing at the High Dive again and with a great band ACES UP. Check them out... Hope everyone gets to spend time with the ones they love this holiday season.

Forward Motion

The new recordings are getting closer and closer to being ready for public consumption. And we are looking at shows for next year, perhaps even some touring again...who knows. We will have a new CD on a new record label. And I've written a bunch more songs for another record this year. I hope 2012 will be the year of the Dogma!!

God Bless Trey Tidwell

Annual Virgo Birthday Bash !!

With everything we have been thru over the last 12 months we sure feel blessed to have such a great group of friends/fans that keep up our spirits when times are down. This is the "infamous" Virgo Birthday Bash ya'll don't want to miss this one for sure. It is also a celebration for our dear friends Trey and Dana, this is thier 2 year anniversary. As many of you know Trey passed away a few months ago, so we will be raising a glass in honor of our brother. We will be having a guest player Kent Halverson (Sky Cries Mary, Manoogi Hi) sit in on the keys and Kimo will be joining us on banjo. This will be one fun filled Lost Dogma night...so bring your sleeping bag!! (lol)

Sept 9th THe Shanty Tavern 9001 LakeCity Way Seattle Wa

8pm doors - $6.00 Cover

Recording update...

We all got together the other night to listen to our recording and see what needed to be done next. Listening back to the tracks recorded with Trey was a beautiful/painful experience to say the least. He was such a brilliant musician and such a joy to be around, it makes it all that much more real that he won’t be here for the completion of the recording. However, it won’t be long now, we just have to put the final touches on recording some parts and then mix down left to go. In the meantime, Michael and I have been getting together most every afternoon working on new material. (Yes I have enough material for another album) So hopefully there will be 2 LOST DOGMA records released this year. Thanks again for supporting independent music. Toby, Michael, Trey, Dave, Travis LOST DOGMA