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Andy Messer / Blog

Talkin' Blues

Lectured on the blues today--a new experience--in Katie Egging's African-American literature class at Union College. Played "Love in Vain," "Beer Drinking Woman," "Train Out My Window," and snippets of "Where the Southern Cross the Dog" and "I Just Can't Be Satisfied."

Blue Crawdads set list 2/7/31

1. Kokomo Woman 2. That Evening Train 3. Beer Drinking Woman 4. Statesboro Blues 5. Train Out My Window 6. Cumberland River Blues 7. You Got to Move 8. I'd Better Stay 9. Let the Good Times Roll 10. High Heeled Sneakers 11. Black Magic Woman 12. Texas Flood 13. Too Much Weekend 14. Porch Light 15. Information Blues 16. Crossroads 17. Backdoor Man/It’s About Time 18. Shake 'em on Down/Got My Mojo Workin'/Hoochie Coochie Man Early to Bed--Encore

Ugly Mug set list, 1/31/15

Andy Messer & Friends at the Ugly Mug, 1/31/15 1. Coffee Drinking Woman (with Jesse Barton) 2. Wine, Women & Song 3. Snow Day 4. Every Letter that I Write 5. Prince Albert in a Can 6. There is a Time (with The Monkey Stompers) 7. Be Like You (with The Monkey Stompers) 8. Mark My Grave (with The Monkey Stompers) 9. The Mountain (with The Monkey Stompers) 10. Sixteen Tons (with The Monkey Stompers) 11. Stranger far from Home 12. Hickory Wind (with Mary Beth Spurlock & Jesse Barton) 13. Opportunity to Cry (with Mary Beth Spurlock & Jesse Barton) 14. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down (with Mary Beth Spurlock & Jesse Barton) 15. Killing the Blues (with Mary Beth Spurlock & Jesse Barton) 16. Hold Me Tight (with Mary Beth Spurlock and Jesse Barton) 17. Cumberland River Blues (with Mary Beth Spurlock and Jesse Barton) 18. You Got to Move (with Jesse Barton & Mary Beth Spurlock) 19. When I Cross Over (with Mary Beth Spurlock & Jesse Barton) 20. That Evening Train (with Jesse Barton) 21. Broke Down in Bluefield (with Jesse Barton) 22. Porch Light (with Jesse Barton) 23. Train Out My Window (with Jesse Barton) 24. I’d Better Stay (with Jesse Barton)

New Years Eve Set Lists, 12/31/14-1/1/15

What a blast! The Crawdad Club New Years Eve party featured great sets by Virgil Bowlin with Jim Harp and Jesse Barton, Jesse as a solo ukulele stylist, and three fourths of Storage Box Nelson. Here are the set lists for the three acts I performed with. The Blue Crawdads 1.Kokomo Woman 2. Train Out My Window 3. Statesboro Blues 4. Cumberland River Blues 5. Let the Good Times Roll 6. High Heeled Sneakers 7. Information Blues 8. Porch Light 9. Crossroads 10.Texas Flood 11. Shake em on Down/Got My Mojo Workin/Hoochie Coochie Man Mary Beth Spurlock and Andy Messer 1. When I Cross Over 2. Hickory Wind The Monkey Stompers 1. Chicken on Your Head 2. Be Like You 3. He ll Have to Go 4. Jolene 5. Fish and Whistle 6. Across the Great Divide 7. Ashokan Farewell/Tennessee Waltz 8. The Mountain 9. Sixteen Tons 10. All I Want Is You

You & Me Coffee & Tea set list, 11/29/14

Thanks to everyone who came out to You & Me Coffee & tonight, especially Virginia Gay, John, Emily, and Sean. Here's the set list: 1. Let the Good Times Roll 2. Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas 3. Time of Day Blues 4. Prince Albert in a Can 5. The Death of Floyd Collins 6. Leave Your Monkey Here 7. You Got to Move 8. October 9. King of the Road 10. Train Out My Window 11. Life's Railway to Heaven 12. Easy for You to Say 13. Folsom Prison Blues 14. My Lonesome Ways 15. Broke Down in Bluefield 16. Beer Drinking Woman 17. Bar Room Girls 18. Wine Women and Song 19. Rest for the Wicked 20. Saint James Infirmary 21. Careless Love 22. Tear My Still House Down 23. Moonshiner 24. Somebody Spike the Eggnog 25. Blue Christmas 26. Snow Day 27. That Ain't Right 28. Hello Walls 29. Hoochie Coochie Man 30. That Evening Train 31. Cumberland River Blues 32. I'd Better Stay

Ugly Mug set list

Had a fantastic time playing at The Ugly Mug Coffee House tonight. Great place, great audience. Here's the set list: 1. Prince Albert in a Can 2. Hoochie Coochie Man 3. Easy for You to Say 4. October 5. Every Christmas Card I Write 6. Somebody Spike the Eggnog 7. Broke Down in Bluefield 8. Folsom Prison Blues 9. Saint James Infirmary 10. Train Out My Window 11. Cumberland River Blues 12. Beer Drinking Woman 13. Bar Room Girls 14. Wine, Women & Song 15. Rest for the Wicked 16. You Got to Move 17. King of the Road 18. Time of Day Blues 19. That Evening Train 20. Life's Railway to Heaven 21. I'd Better Stay

Wow, people still play guitar and sing!

Had an impromptu jam session/guitar pull today with Emily Baker and Jeremiah Bailey. In the age of Auto-Tune, ProTools, and EDM, it's refreshing--not to mention amazing--to find young people who want to pick up a guitar and play and sing real songs.

Farmers' Market w/the Monkey Stompers set list, 10/30/14

1. There Is a TIme 2. Chicken on Your Head 3. The Death of Floyd Collins 4. Rhode Island Is Famous for You 5. Jolene 6. Another Day in the Past 7. Ashokan Farewell/Tennessee Waltz 8. Robin's Song 9. Time of Day Blues 10. Little Red Riding Hood 11. Mark My Grave/Washed in the Blood 12. Sixteen Tons 13. Be Like You 14. My Heart Is Like a River 15. October 16. Amarillo by Morning 17. My Lonesome Ways 18. Across the Great Divide 19. Cumberland River Blues 20. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness 21. Working on a Building

Blue Crawdads set list, 10/25/14

Rockin' times at the Crawdad Club. What a great audience! Here's what we played. 1. Let the Good Times Roll 2. Bright Lights, Big City 3. Texas Flood 4. Black Magic Woman 5. Slide Honk 6. Information Blues 7. Beer Drinking Woman 8. Statesboro Blues 9. That Ain't Right 10. Crossroads 11. Third Degree 12. Sweet Home Chicago 13. Shake 'em Down/Got My Mojo Workin' 14. Hoochie Coochie Man 15. Roadhouse Blues

Holly Bay w/the Monkey Stompers set list

Played at Holly Bay Campground with the Monkey Stompers tonight. I opened with "Let the Good Times Roll," "That Evening Train," "Train Out My Window," and "Cumberland River Blues." Then Emily did a solo set with "Brand New Key," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Spanish Pipe Dream," "Rhode Island Is Famous for You," and "I Want to Be Like You." Then the Monkey Stompers--Emily, Robin, Billy, and I--did "There Is a Time," "Chicken on Your Head," "Jolene," "Another Day in the Past," "Robin's Song," "Ashokan Farewell/Tennessee Waltz," "Time of Day Blues," "Sixteen Tons," "My Heart Is Like a River," "Amarillo by Morning," "My Lonesome Ways," "Across the Great Divide," "Mark My Grave/Are You Washed in the Blood," and "Leave Your Monkey Here."