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Andy Messer / Blog

Patsymas set list, 7/4/14

For my own amusement and record keeping I've decided to start posting set lists here. For Patsymas, a family reunion in honor of my mother in law, Patsy Nelson, I played an all-cover set of the some of the classic country songs she loved: 1. Night Life 2. Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way 3. Hello Darlin' 4. Folsom Prison Blues 5. She Thinks I Still Care 6. King of the Road 7. Swinging Doors 8. Hello Walls 9. You Never Even Called Me by My Name

The Joy of Playing with Fine Musicians

Played a private party tonight, opening for The Davis Benders, one of my favorite bands. Davis Benders bassist Jesse Barton and the legendary mandolin player Virgil Bowlin (of Virgil Bowlin & Peerless Mountain) sat in. My songs had never sounded so good. It's a humbling experience playing with musicians so much better than I am, but it's also a joy and a privilege--definitely something to remember and be thankful for.

Jim Garrett farewell concert Saturday, 6/15

My favorite singer/songwriter, Jim Garrett, is moving back to his native Alabama. He'll be doing a farewell concert at Union College's Rector Little Theatre Saturday, June 15. Make plans to attend if you're in the area. Jim has written more classic songs than anyone has a right to. "October," "Tin Roofs," "Broken Dreams/Shooting Stars," "Slow Dancing Alone," "I've Got a Thing That Glows in the Dark," "When Tomorrow Comes this Morning," "Ain't Had so Much Fun Since the School Burned Down," and so many more. It'll be a great show.

New Live Track Added

I've just posted a live version of "I'd Better Stay," recorded 5/15/13 at The Fiddler's Hearth, South Bend, Indiana, straight from the board of house sound engineer Tommy Miller. As usual, it's available for streaming and free download. Look for both new and remastered downloads, plus more show date announcements, in the next couple of weeks.

What We Have Here...

These are demos, mostly made as reference copies for copyright registration. I hope you enjoy them, rough though they are.