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Dedicated To Brazil (All In One Rhythm)

♦☼ My Song Dedicated To Brazil (Carnival In Brazil) is totally dedicated to Brazil. Many people know I have written & dedicated many songs to individual Countries. Every song I have written dedicated to every Country means the world to me for many different reasons, flavours, cultures and beautiful twists. I Love all Countries with a deepness I doubt I will ever be able to put in the written word. The Love & Respects goes that deep for me. *I have a lump in my throat & I need to dry my eyes*...... Ok, Ready, lets move on :)... Brazil will be hosting the 2014 World Cup! (All In One Rhythm) that’s Fifa Football Association slogan, motto or phrase. I Truly think Brazil brings so much flare, style and passion to Football & incorporates this into the world and hearts of others (All In One Rhythm) so true! Brazil have Rhythm, Heart & are such a diverse colourful Country. I just know they will make this World Cup So Special and embrace it with Passion, Flare & Heart. I am So Truly Excited, So Many Amazing Counties are competing to qualify and my heart goes out to every team that supports there Country. Every Country brings diversity, star quality and flavour to the tournament. Anything can happen, anything is possible! Expect the unexpected! Every Country is our neighbours and I personally am wrapping my arms around everyone & the whole world cup tournament. I am totally glued!! Who will win the 2014 World Cup is yet to be told & unfold.... But remember it’s not always about the winning that really matters, it’s about taking part, playing as a team, the love and passion of supporters supporting there Team/Country, the dream, heart, loving every moment. Because the bottom line is without each other there is no game, tournament or football! So lets get (All In One Rhythm)... Scream our lungs out for Football, & who we love. Thank you for reading me, I could talk forever about footy. I love you all. Bernie a.k.a Brio’con a.k.a Darrick from the band Belinda & Co. ♦☼

Brio'con  (5 months ago)

◍ Congratulations Germany for winning 2014 World Cup & Top Respect to all the Amazing Country Teams that made this tournament so Special and Extraordinary!! «♥» Awesomeness!! ◍

Who is moving in on your Man/Women?

♦☼ To be a Musician Means: “It is the artists Duty to Inform, Help & Educate the Public”with the Skills and Craftsmanship gained using Heart, Creativity, Instruments, Talent and Experience. So.. My Stark song “Intruder” *Take a Deep Breath & Pause*...... “Intruder” is about someone you will meet or have met in your life. That will Physically, Psychologically, Destroy your Life, Mind, Plus all what you Love and what is Important to You ( By Any Means Necessary )! Please listen to the song as it will convey more! I hope it will Help & Prepare you to the darker side of human nature that is waiting like a Crocodile beneath the surface of the water – biding time relying on the element of surprise to snatch your love, life, possessions away & everything you have worked so hard for in life - for there own hunger! The Darker side of human nature will feed on your life to be the alpha, to have “The highest rank in dominance”. Why – Because of Uncorrected Personality Traits, Ego, Power, Lust, Greed & to put it bluntly... The ( Sheer Thrill Of it all )!! I object and Oppose to that very strongly!! If my song Exposes an Intruder & Helps another to be Alert, Aware & Prepared. I Feel have done my job as a “Musician & Songwriter”... Before I sign off, I would like to Say I Deeply Console In Heart with anybody that has suffered & been a victim of an Intruder in life. Also if a potential Intruder is reading in, even though it could be very painful, think about: Who you are, Why you are, Seek Help from Professional Qualified Counselling psychologists. Remember it’s better to use your Energy to Help yourself than to Harm Others. Releasing your demons and pain on others is not the solution! Thank you for reading & listening to me. May you Live, Love & Prosper in this jungle we call life. With Love, Brio’con. Your Musical Friend!! ♦☼


Domestic violence can happen anywhere to anyone of any race, religion, culture or economic status. Statistical someone is emotionally mentally abused, killed, rapped, injured, tortured, every second of the day somewhere in the world. Teen dating abuse and violence has reached an epidemic of abuse and is escalating way out of hand. One in three teens say they know someone who has been physically assaulted or hurt by a dating partner. Rape, sexual, mental and physical Abuse is running rampant and the damage is horrific on any level. It's extremely important for us all to know the signs what the cycle of abuse is in any circumstance or on whatever level so we can be more educated and help stop this epidemic. I have uploaded my song called 'Johnny' which tells the story of a young boy growing up into his teens that has undergone abuse on all levels from his Father. He has had to wittiness domestic Violence to his Mother on top of the sexual, physical, emotional abuse he has suffered on a day to day basis from his Father. It's a vicious circle of silence and internal torture that builds up inside Johnny and finally erupts like a deadly volcano leaving us all with a sad stark reminder of the dangers of abuse. I will sign off this blog song by saying Acknowledging someone’s feelings and realities sets a positive safety plan within our minds and hearts and the more we come together we can take affirmative action with better understanding to help so many people. Never GIVE UP, and even if it feels like you are on your own, please know you are not alone and abuse is certainly not you fault! Love and Hugs Your Musical Friend ♦☼ Bernie ♦☼.

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

I am very touched by this sensitive subject and I wish all children to be free and happy and while we can we should all help the victims and support those little souls, this is our duty to stop what is wrong and unnatural. It is everybody's job to be aware and alert and fight for humans and children's rights.
Like you say my friend "It's a vicious circle of silence and internal torture that builds up inside Johnny" it Is same vicious circle that goes on forever when violence is involved, poor all children who cannot trust their own parents or family, in worse cases many babies has been killed through history for unknown reasons by their own family or strangers or so called family friend of course mostly after been abused and attacked for many times.
And my dear Bernie you seem to have depth in certain areas in your life like helping children and victims of all sorts, fighting for the right thing in life and raise up awareness. We all know that Nature is experimenting all the time and sometimes the experiment goes bad and evil people are born, nature tries to correct them but they are just bad creatures and only hurt others and damage things.
They know they are evil but they don’t do anything about it, they don’t seek help or stop themselves, basically they like being mean and plan for taking lives away without even thinking of the result or the pain they cause, they are that mean. In this dark time of life people have gone mad that is why violence is so high and growing fast. We need to connect even telepathically and feel each other’s souls and pain and only then we can react and don something about it.
Thank you Bernie for having the courage and willingness to continue on this difficult path with the dear member of your band, you are giving your own power to heal the one who has been abused or abandoned. You have made your choice to stop abuse and it is up to the others now to really pay attention to the pain that surrounds planet earth, but first they need to get rid of their blind ego and help by their pure hearts.
Universe watches us and has a reason for creating us; it is fully aware of us however it’s us who are not aware of it.

Thanks! ☼ Bernie
Peace and love to your heart and to “children of the world”

Gemma Light
Gemma Light  (over 1 year ago)

Hi my musical friend Bernie
Thank you for leaving your gratefulness and puppy prints for me :-)
Been listening to your latest upload "Johnny (Teenager Kills Father) "
Such a sad reality we need more good caring people, artists to spread the real facts
and your song "Johnny" brings it home to give us awareness that we should not lose sight of
how much abuse is going on and that young children growing up to their teens living with abuse,
how easy it is to click over in a rage just wanting it to stop!
Thank you for being one of those rare caring people out there that uses your talents to highlight abuse!

MISS CHAMPAGNE  (over 1 year ago)


Sasha Firewolf
Sasha Firewolf  (over 1 year ago)

Bernie, my dearest darling. I want to tell you that I am so proud of you for Johnny. It is a subject so many people want to turn a blind eye to, even when it happens right in front of their face. I wish I could say I listened to it, but at the moment, with everything else going on, I feel far too vulnerable, and I'm scared I might trigger. I look forward to being more stable soon, so that I can hear what I am sure is a wonderfully tragic song. Thank you so much for your work against abuse. Much love as always, and missing you so much. <3 Sassy Sash

Pay Her More Attention (My Song)

♦☼ "Pay Her More Attention" is a song I wrote many moons ago, hightides has set on the horizon for gravitational forces for me to bring this song and meaning to the for front again. Every evening I would go to work and I met some awesome people back then. The pay was minimum but the experience was rich and life changing for me. One Particular evening while at work - my good work collogues had come to a stop, there was an air of sadness and solemn numbness like someone had died which I feel later that something had died. The Pain was high, intense, cutting, shape and her beautiful mask had slipped like broken porcelain shattering onto the ground into a million pieces with her heart on toll. I thought to myself "What on gods earth could make such a beautiful women so sad and distraught"?

The deeper her outpouring as she seeked consoling from her friends and was trying so hard not to smudge her mascara as the tears were forming and running down her face - the deeper my empathy became for her and the situation. The Pieces of the puzzle came together like broken shards of glass each more deadlier than the next it was about her man the love of her life and that everything she did for him went unnoticed. She would Cook nice meals for him, make her self up real pretty with care and affection to please him and to put fire into there love and relationship.

But - sadly lack of attention - off putting words - NO ATTENTION was coming back to her.. For example he just wanted to watch the T.V and seemed completely vacant as though she was a ghost..There was nothing I could say because the politics between a man and woman was in motion and I could tell the damage had been done and these wounds and scars were very unlikely to heal - if ever at all. So haunting leaving a curse what could have been a healthy relationship that she worked so hard to keep alive, inject so much awesomeness into - and by his controlling, mindless, selfish actions that would have certainly driven a nail right into her heart and into his own coffin which would cremate the best thing ever in his life.

I knew this man was a complete fool and had failed her miserably - in my mind there was no justification for the emotional state and damage he had done to this beautiful women. I knew there was backdated frustration and a whole world of Woman's emotions building up on top of other issues and in time the love bomb was going to go off leaving body parts, shrapnel and his heart in the lost and found department of no return. He probably though he was being clever but in turn was destroying the most important thing in his world - that's what happens when the heart is not taken seriously.

I was so secretly affected with this sad situation and decided on my way home to right a song about it - I realised this was probably happening to many other couples and Men where literally burning there bridges all over the god dam place. If only they could have seen what I saw and the real damage that they had caused. When writing the song "Pay Her More Attention" It was a salute from the Heart to all Women and a signal not to get stuck in that kind or rut or relationship - also complete anger and resentment to Men hoping that it would expose something evil within there nature. The moral of the story is for god sake treat your Woman right with respect, dignity and love - take onboard her feelings and "Pay Her More Attention"!!

I have learnt that peoples actions do certainly have a knocking effect.

Signing off with Peace, Happy Love Making and live long and prosper.....

From the little quite guy in the corner just doing his work. ♦☼ Brio'con © ♦☼

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

Yes Bernie my musical friend, I have been down that road when I was totally ignored and un wanted for no reasons, and you are right all I wanted was some attention and some love. And yes I did dress well and made good food and behaved well like many other women but when it comes to man’s phycology this only leads to tears and frustrations. I still don’t know who is more complicated men or women? I still wonder why humans are such complicated creatures.
Much love and respect to
your music,
And your love for women

Brio'con  (over 1 year ago)

♦☼ Thank you for making your beautiful presence clear here «♥» It really breaks my heart that you experienced and went through this too, You did not deserve that!! No Woman or anyone one should be ignored or feel unwanted – it makes my blood boil to even think anyone can do this to you or all the Flowers out there (Women) xx!! I get massive power reading your creation of sensitivity, I love the way you swept me off my feet in writing and I leave you with love and friendship to ignite all the colours inside your heart, life and worlds – always do what your heart is supposed to do xx «♥» ♦☼

Brio'con  (over 1 year ago)

♦☼ Dearest Athina, Your productive post has really got my thinking and raised many challenges in my Mind. I would like to delve deeper in to your Mind Provoking Feelings into words “I still don’t know who is more complicated men or women? I still wonder why humans are such complicated creatures”. This is a fascinating subject and raises many conundrum. So challenging to unravel the depths. I feel in my experience and what I have read and heard, Men can be labelled as apes roaming this big planet jungle trying to sow there seeds and manhood everywhere, and with this mentality it’s so dam frustrating for all the Women out there Looking for a mature intellectual partner. So this trait or pattern of Man is not a Plus. Women for sure in my opinion are more in tune overall, they are, teachers and the perfect leaders of the heart and order. Having the gifts and strengths to multi task and make tremendous, enormous calculations on a massive scale for the good and best of a/the relationship – taming the ape lol into a happy, more well mannered human being, now that’s a power that can not be mocked or taken for granted. But then for example what if a women with all this power provokes her partner, over flirting, not paying enough attention to her mans needs, especially lack of reassurance to a loving mans feelings attached to his pride and ego. now that a high way of hell right there internal and then external. She could truly run the risk of hurting, maybe losing the best thing in her life, universe and world. You have raised such a good question which I am sure everyone can relate to and have there very own emotions and opinions on. I will think about what you have written and shared and give it a great deal of thought! Thank you for caring and sharing because it really matters.

I have a question for you Dear Athina, Do you feel it is important for Men to be in touch with there femmine sides just as much as there masculine sides. Would love to know your thoughts?

Thank you again for all Your Awesomeness Here xxxxxxxx ♦☼

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

It is a pleasure to reconnect with you again Sir Bernie: D our musical friend is always so different and paying extra attention to everything. My journey of life was truly deeper than I thought it was and that one experience of being ignored was one of the many others. I did not have so many opinion or options at that time I was experiencing myself through others. I guess life does do that to us, pulling up, relocate so we can accomplish our tasks in life and find those purpose we came for originally.
You say you feel sorry for me, I do believe you so as you are always different by talking from your heart. And you say it makes your blood boil just by thinking of my experience and other beautiful women out there with similar experiences, , it is so wonderful to have a boiling blood my friend in your spirit, it makes you alive and it is a gift that universe crated you to help with your heart and smile.
Albert Einstein said once” there are only two ways to live your life; one is as thought nothing is a miracle. The other is as thought everything is a miracle” so according to that should I say all the difficulties I went through and almost getting free from were all a miracle?
And you leave me with such shining sunny days as always when you support me so much and support lovers, loyalty, friendship and beliefs. I would like to acknowledge you for your integrity, energy, and unwavering commitment to truth saved on this page. For maintaining this website, for ceaselessly replying on my notes and help me and others to understand why this is all is happening to us humans on this planet. Sometimes I think we should change the name of our planet from planet Earth to planet Karma.
And we need to name rename men like to Gentlemen.

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

O sir Bernie, I see I raised many thought in your brain and it is a challenge by itself to answer a deep question like the one I raised. Of course I study human behaviour everyday by study myself and realize many things like for instance there is always a new path of discovery.
Your reflections and observations gave you a certain experience through life and you do share it so beautifully with me, your thoughts are like life after death. I discover that you are interested in deep questions: D I can really raise very great questions on this page and keep you totally busy, but I must learn to respect your generosity and not take advantage of it.
How did we get here, Men and women and this life? Your feelings are stronger than I imagined and that is why we are on this page like sun and sand discussing about boys and girls.
Your reflection about men is that, your sex, all men are apes roaming this big planet Lol. I can reflect on this one deeply but I am content with your analyse and I believe that there is a reason for men to be like that, or? I have noticed that men after all do not like women in a certain way. That is why your people, all men are frustrated when a woman specks her mind up. Yes I understand that women do look for a mature intellectual partner, but my challenging question is that: that intellect mature man is still a human, and human s comes from where? O they do come from the jungle, and where is the jungle? O it is still inside, he can put a mask on and do well being someone he is not when he is with her , but when real l times comes in the mask falls of a rainy day , the ape- man comes out and she runs away crying like in horror movie, She will sad and free from visions.

I am paying all respect to you when you write and say that women are in tune overall. You fill me with doubts as I am a woman myself and love to close my eyes and feel the freedom of being in tune overall. I would like to tell you why we are in tune overall, somehow it is because reality changes and women do change same time, we change, but you , MEN cling, you don’t change. Everything flowers and change including Planet karma, but MEN still cling to something and want us to cling as well and stay on same branch.

Men do live for same reasons that women left them for and again men are absolutely against change or not capable of it. This is my opinion however and it does create chaos in your mind in this moment, which I am almost sure of it. Chaos and women have always been together, we crate confusion overall and we are ok with the chaos we create mostly because we are chaos itself: D , and we do turn a man’s life up side down with our chaotic mind, that I have noticed lately and it does not matter how well we are dressed up and all that , a man does not pay attention to cloth and hair as much as he pays attention to manners and gratitude and women including me have lack of that not because anything else rather being self-busy. And self-busyness comes from that we women always try to understand ourselves in the eyes of the others, we analyse, we discuss, we want to reach heights, while doing that we forget about the man and his needs and to say the magical word, Thank you for being there and listen to us, we are in that tune overall when things are related to ourselves but not in tune with our beloved ones or the ones that gives us the time and the energy to be there and listen to us. Like this discussion here, for me it is mostly self-Study, for you it is mostly like sharing opinion and giving me the time and the space to study.

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

You say “look this is a tree”, by the time you say that the tree reminds me of something in my past or something I would like to do in the future and will be talking about my opinion about your tree in two different times and by that time I have missed the point of being with you in that moment and watch the tree you are pointing at, and till we end up talking about same tree an different times, the tree has grown, like us, like love and life and the man and the woman has already become unfriendly and gone different paths. It is just an example of how different we are and how easy it is to stop it. It is just time relating, the power of now.

Like it happened now I raised this question about men and women but forgot all about it, I was very surprised that you did answer it with so much care and interesting thoughts. I did not think for a moment I was asking you the question or anyone else, I was asking myself but wrote it on your page: D, just a tiny example of my ego and how differently we women can think or act and how men understand us. It would not harm me at all if you never answered the question because I was not aware of that you were interested or did not know that you would love to share your opinion with me and the others, but I am totally delighted that you reflected on it with such honesty and open mind which I know is hard for a man to be free minded.

Of course a woman will always do that mistake to talk about her ex. lover and the new man does that mistake of being Jealous and allows the gorilla to come out immediately and drive her and himself nuts. For a woman her ex. friend , lover, husband is the experiment that means something because of all the things she had learned from it and she wants to share it with the ape man - the new lover, but his eyes turns red and smokes comes out of his nose Lol.
For the man it is like that she still likes her ex or why remembers him still, jealousy makes him blind and anger and frustration all in one comes out but she would be so sensitive by then and turns of herself in for the world. This is my experience actually and I have noticed how the ape man I know tortures me if I mention anything about my past experience. All this crates confusion and visions in a very short time. And like you say a woman could run the risk of hurting or even losing the best thing in her life by ignoring the new love and get busy with something else. Mostly women like nostalgia and living in the extreme, the old times and it are all ego related issues for some reasons. I think a woman will stop talking about her past experience if her new lover does not react and talk about it as if it is a very natural thing to talk about your past experiences, why not talk about it?, why be scared of not flirting around, it is just flirting anyway? If the man stops to react then the woman loses interest about what was going in the past and focus on what goes on instead, I think that is when she will pay attention when there is no limits and no condition nor fears.

Just like we cannot force love we cannot either force change in others. And the women accept changes and move away, I think the man needs to understand that he needs to change too.

And you reflect on us women and write so good about us like being teachers and the perfect leaders of the heart and order. We do cling to moments of being teachers or leaders or nothing but then we move away and become something else, for the man it is eternal moments to be the teachers or the leader and never change from that position. That is what I think anyway.

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

Your example of powerful women and happy ape - men is bringing me laughter’s Lol and so much laughers , I feel lucky to be here now and answering this question. Indeed I do not blame Men in all that they do, we women have our share of controlling or behaving half ignorant and I will use your word here "that we have the strength to do multitasks and really are forgettable creatures” Men hates that when we women forget to say thank you when we should say it with a smile. It is not like we are not appreciating what men do for us rather we are self-interested and always talk about ourselves for men and forget to ask how do they do or how do they feel?
This is all goes back to the upbringing as society does not lecture us anything about that, I mean why study physic and biology but not the psychology of men and women, why not mothers and fathers lecture their children about how to communicate how not to be self- interested, how not to be a scary ape man, why not teach art of love instead of history and mathematics?
You see society pressed us to what we are, and I am feeling sorry for all the love stories that have been destroyed by humans because of lack of understanding and knowing and feeling.
I will answer your question now; it is a shame to be a human, I hate to say that, but it is true, the feelings that surround us are higher than us. You never know how a self-aware woman with so much power can treat her man, she could have all kinds of educations, driving a car, have money and dress well but she still cannot please her husband, her boyfriend, the man she flirts with. After all she is ignorant to know that men are all same and do not like changes when women finds it free and normal to play with ideas and to try new things. The man will not like her ideas or her thoughts; it is always his ideas that is true and right. So to put the woman down the ape man has to come out and yell loud like a gorilla, as much as men could be nice there is a gorilla hiding and judging. I will say many women need the gorilla to let go of the ego as we do have huge egos and a dangerous one and needs to be controlled as women are not always good with being

About your question sir Bernie, Men and feminine side, I will say YES and a big YES for men to train their feminine side, that is the only way to balance both sides, for me feminine side is when men leave their ego and jealously of the brain and take the elevator and go down to the heart and stay there. It is also very important for women to train their masculine side and by that I don’t mean to train hard and get muscles, absolutely not, they have to train their temperament, aggression, to dare to express differently, to live totally alone without leaning on anyone, study hard and develop the brain and wake up to the hard reality, resist for instance is good, resist temptation, stop the circle of live and just dare to do wired things and stop the self-pity disease. Whatsoever a man does to a woman does not have to end up in the pity zone; why not look at the positive side of it, she gained a whole lot of experiences and can leave it just there outside and look at it like it was a life experience not a single man experience., without chewing in to it and use it to get sympathy from other.

I really thank you for allowing us to have this interesting subject on this page.

Athina K.
Athina K.  (over 1 year ago)

Men and feminine side
I feel I did not reply to your question in a fair way with much depth as I focused on women instead. However I felt I do have more to say about this subject.
The masculine and the feminine is the yin yang balance, it is extremely important for a man to know his feminine side and explore it, get evolved with it and love it. As we all know for many reasons everyone tunes in to the masculine side, both men and women dress same, work and follow their fast life. But the feminine side has not been paid so much attention. I myself refuse to wear jeans as I look at it as a masculine thing, I wear dresses to keep that feeling of being feminine and this makes me feel different from a man, 90% of women dress like men and by doing that men’s masculine side gets even stronger and we get more aggression, all because that men do not dare to get in touch of his feminine side.
It is definitely time for men to develop their feminine side in order to achieve a greater balance. Even if people ignore the feminine side I know it is very valuable for men to recognize the feminine side in order to get to know it´s value. When men get evolved with this part they develop and that is the moment evolution occur.
It is known that men who are not in balance and have stronger masculine side they get greedy and selfish and this is when men crate war and get what they want on expenses of others. Greed is the opposite of generosity and is a sign of imbalance.
Men who trained their feminine side are more or less givers, they give freedom and fight for human’s rights, they enjoy nature and help people to find their will to organize and operate their life without any manipulating or misleading , without influences or pressure, they do not force anything they rather understand nature of things.
However Men in nature understand beauty and admire colours and are very enthusiastic while having tendency to plant love everywhere they go. That is how I feel about men being in touch with their feminine side.
I will add no more opinion and apologize if I wrote too much.
Thank you my dear musical friend
Wish you peace and harmony

Belinda & Co
Belinda & Co  (over 1 year ago)

ღ i love ur blog because it got born due to real emotions that you witnessed many moons ago n felt the true reality of a woman's pain n inspired you to create this wonderful song/blog. i would love to pick up on ur question “Do you feel it is important for Men to be in touch with there femmine sides just as much as there masculine sides”. absolutely i feel it is very important that men should be in touch with there femmine sides. an example for me would be > if a male is in tune with his femmine side he would have a greater understanding to what really is important n sensitive towards women. i also feel it is important that a male must find an equal balance with his femmine side n mescaline side. both these qualities if finely tuned, i feel within a relationship the women’s needs would be met with more sensitivity, understanding n she would feel very safe which would help open her up to trust a male far quicker. she would also feel safe when there is vulnerability n the partner can step into there masculine side. it’s very rare for a male to find this fine tuning n balance between the both n i feel with ur heartfelt song ‘Pay Her More Attention’ you certainly have these two unique balances in motion very evidently. i would strongly like to add who ever the lucky female is that manages to capture ur unique heart > she will never be able to have a better experience. Lucky her who ever she maybe... I will sign off this entry by sayin *thank you* for sharing such pureness n honesty with ur proud heart ♥!! big love n respect!! ღ

Brio'con  (over 1 year ago)

♦☼ Dearest Athina, and Belinda. I am overwhelmed with your generosity, wisdom, insight and the way you have laid your petals of information here all over our blog. I say our blog because without both of your riveting entries would be like food without the nutrition. The blog has now become communal and is building up a fascinating momentum for people to engage, interact, learn and add there own input, truly awesome. I would love to contribute and add some content now. I will answer the question “Do you feel it is important for Men to be in touch with there femmine sides just as much as there masculine sides” that I posed. For me it very important for a man to be in tune with his femmine side and it’s not uncommon for guys to pend more time in front of the mirror every morning than women lol surprising I know. Fighting for mirror time from your b/f or hubby. Lol that’s a funny abbreviation. However the important reason that a man should be in touch with his femmine side is he will be a superb lover - because the more fine tuned his mind becomes to what his women wants and needs will lead to a very long healthy love life. Reading the signs/ body language and stepping into his lovers mind and heart able to anticipate and take affirmative, positive actions to her needs, wants, desires, dreams and her overall happiness in life. Like Athina says not by pumping iron and having muscles is the real strength, sexy and attractive to a certain degree but not crucial. If a man learns how to use his brain and pay attention to his women's needs you are more likely to get into the most important place of all – no guys not her knickers.... Her Heart! If you show care in matters of the heart which takes your heart and brain to achieve this - you will gain a deep love that will truly broaden your horizons and you will see the true women inside and set something free so special and sacred it will truly blow your mind to space, orbit and heaven and back. Please don’t miss out on this - or rob yourself from this once in a lifetime experience. It’s very important to take into account that women are built so much different to men, obvious you might think... No, lets got deeper - women's bodies and brains go through changes like a daily weather circle with many signaling shifts. Be aware that women are far greater athletes than men by nature and that’s there gift that we have to work with and understand. When a women is pregnant it truly is impossible to imagine the mind power, body attributes, characteristics and the science and substance she will have to endure. So Please be respectful to her - once again anticipate and take into account her needs. Be tender, firm and take affirmative positive actions – make her as comfortable as possible while she is carrying your baby because in the long run she will never ever forget your sensitivity/ femmine side. To step into her body and mind and take into account as much as possible what it may feel/ or be like for her. Using your femmine side/masculine side not only creates a stable concrete family environment – you will give her the greatest gift of all – memories, sweet , beautiful, exceptional memories that will leave an imprint on her love organ – her precious heart. I would advice not to walk around like a closed flower because a closed flower rarely has any scent or fragrance. Blossom together embrace and entwine your fragrances, enjoy the true wonders of the power love together – as a family - let it shine on far beyond your imaginations - Generation to Generation – it’s there right in front of you. Closer than close. Signing off for now and I hope this blog has been of some help and interest ♦☼ © Brio’con ♦☼ A.K.A Your Musical Friend! Bernie ♦☼ Rose for Athina இڿڰۣ--- Rose for Belinda இڿڰۣ---.