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JMic Whyzgi / Blog

Are You Willing?

Too many times in life we find ourselves looking for answers from individuals who really don't have the slightest clue. And often we make the mistake of trusting untrustworthy people. People with no influence, no experience, no resources and no plan. While within each of us the truth exists. I spent most of my young life searching for an alternative bedsides what my parents taught me. Thinking maybe there was someone smarter with abetter solution to actual pain I was causing myself through my own disobedience. Not merely rebellious disobedience towards my parents but, rebellious disobedience towards my God. Especially when I was of age meaning an adult. Like being 18 or later 21 really meant something. I was young and foolish, immature and destructive. Drugs and all sorts of immoral acts lead me down a path that should have killed me before now. The streets I once depended on became along with myself my greatest enemy. You name it, I've done it. From overdosing to time in prison, I've done it. So, what have I learned after all the pain, rejection, conflict, embarrassment, neglect that I caused myself, my family and everyone who once tried to help me? Honesty? Nothing..,Because if a person does not learn from life who is he? What is he? Why is he? So, I finally did the one thing I always knew would work but was too stubborn to try. From my heart I turned to God. He was right there waiting for me to turn to Him. He didn't let me die in my sin, He rescue me from it. Are you willing to let go of your past and turn to Him? Are you willing to forgive others who hurt you or willing to forgive yourself for what you've done to your life? God is waiting. He loves you. He wants you. He needs you. To acknowledge His love for you. To give you a hope and a future. To give you a brand new life. Are you willing? A friend of yours, JMic Whyzgi

Lead By Example

"If you are ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of you before My Father" are the words of Jesus Christ. Today when given the opportunity to stand and declare my true heart, my true feeling about my life and what I consider my ministry, I chose. Joel Osteen asked the congregation whom wanted to receive Christ and whom wanted to re-dedicate their lives to Him. While pondering the question I thought, "I know there have been problems and issues in my own life. I know that I really need to get some things straight with the Lord before I move forward in my life and ministry. I know that I sow into the lives of those who follow me and try my best to be the man God called me to be. But, do I?". That very moment I stood so Pastor Osteen could pray for me. Knowing that I have issues in my life I need to clean up. Knowing that I want God to take seriously my efforts to not only please Him but. to sincerely reach those who need Him. I have to humble myself and allow my heart to be lead by the Lord and do what's right for me right now. Not next week, not tomorrow but, right now. I chose to stand up for God. I chose to stand up for righteousness. I chose to be an example for my children, my friends, my followers. Why? Because God has blessed me with so many opportunities. With so many gifts and talents. With so many chances to truly change. I am free now. No more worries about my past mistakes. Free. No more headaches about my future. Free. Free to live free of everything that was holding me back from a real relationship with the God that I claim to be mine who blesses me so much. He woke me up this morning. I had no excuse why I couldn't be in Church today. Cool thing is, He knew I would make the decision I made. He foreknew my heart and my desire to completely follow Him. Pastor Joel said, the very moment I stood up, my past sins and mistakes were wiped clean. I was in fact "FORGIVEN". Friends, I am going to stay that way. "FORGIVEN". The sky is the limit now. No holding back, no going back to what kept me from the true blessing of God. I encourage you to do the same. Watch the short video on my Twitter page and find Jesus Christ for yourself. I have been through so much in my life. So have you. I found peace today that I never knew. You can find it too. You be the leader that you need to be for someone else and God will bless you. A friend of yours, JMic

It's Okay

Too many times it seems that the ones you love the most break your heart. It's okay. Because though nobody's expectations are the same, still it hurts to see what we do to ourselves. Some of us are kind while others are rather mean. Some show astounding compassion towards people while some are heartless and hateful. Some people help his brother or sister while others could care less looking to see you fall rejoicing when you do. Maybe it's because what we're all exposed to daily. So much violence in the world. So much hatred. Is it so hars to love one another when the most important thing most human beings want, need and search endlessly for is love? Christ gave us a new commandment. He said to love one another. It's easy to love those who love you but, love your enemies. Those who hurt you. Those who use you. Those who hate you. Love them; there you will receive your reward. We are ALL family. We are ALL human beings. Sinful and imperfect. God's love for us perfects us through believing in Him for He is love. Once you accept that, you will be too. I love you! A friend of yours, JMic

Building The Dream Together

I started playing the piano at the age of three. Everyone was so excited it seemed for me but, what it really was they were excited for themselves. I instantly became an entertainer. It seemed to me at the time that my family was more interested in showing off my newly discovered skills than thinking whether or not it was something that I really wanted to do. Practice, practice, practice. I was always having to give up part of my day, weekend, friends etc., for the next recital, show or performance. My recording were paraded around for everyone to listen to totally embarrassing me in the process. Meanwhile, my skills were being polished and refined into something that I couldn't see as a child. My late Grandmother paid for all of my music lessons. Her and my mother bought all of my instruments. They invested good money for me to become whatever I wanted to become and I hated every minute of it. I didn't see the bigger picture. I loved my piano, my drums, my guitar, my bass and I've been singing ever since I can remember. But, I hated the attention. I was extremely shy. It seemed whenever I practiced music, all of my friends and most of the neighborhood would find themselves in my yard trying to see me rehears and dancing to my music. There was always an audience. I now realize that God was preparing me for something greater than myself. Not everyone has the ability to entertain others. To make people happy, to make people smile or feel good about themselves. Not everyone can sing, dance, or play instruments and make a difference in the lives of people. It is a gift from God. It is so relaxing watching LeBron James play the game I love so much. He's amazing. Or watch Serena Williams play Tennis. She's a super athlete. Tiger Woods is the best Golfer I've ever seen play and I don't like golf. I will watch him play though. To see individuals perform at those high levels is very inspiring. But, without the support of their fans and the people who sowed into their young lives to become something special, they wouldn't be. Without you guys and whatever support that you bring to the table, the stars of today wouldn't have the confidence to complete their goals to be the best. We all are supportive to those who can. In that same breathe, who has been supportive of what you do? How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many people you never knew support you on FB, YouTube, Vine etc.,? The dreams is us as a people being supportive of each other. Doctors support Doctors, Lawyers support other Lawyers, Police officers support Polices officers, Musicians support Musicians and ordinary people support ordinary people. When God said replenish the world and subdue it, what did He mean? I'll tell you. I believe He meant for us all to work together and build something that works for us all. He has inspired each of us to do something that is helpful to the next person. We as a people need each other. Sometimes we need Doctors, right. Sometimes we need Lawyers, Police officers whether we like them or not and that ordinary person just hanging out; sometimes we need them too. We need each other. So, I don't take lightly the support I receive from any of you. Jesus said to love one another. That was a brand new commandment He gave us. Why? So we learn to work together to build the dream.

It's Time To Let Go

Sometimes while being faced with new challenges in life, there are opportunities to grow and opportunities to decline. Decline meaning to fall backwards. Who want to fall backwards? Who really wants to work so hard to achieve anything worthwhile just to have it taken away because you are either listening to the haters in life trying so hard to discourage you instead of believing in you, pushing you to become everything you've always dreamed of; especially those who really have and have cultivated their God given talent. It's time to let go. There you are in the middle of a dream come true, about to rock the house with your brand new sound that everyone is eager to hear and support but, you're scared and you hold back. It's time to let go. The man or girl of your heart's desire is right there in your face wanting to be all about you and you allow hurts and pains from your past to dictate being all you can be with this person and you screw up the date or the opportunity to be part of their life. It's time to let go. Let go of friends, family members, fear, the past etc.,. If it keeps you from your dreams-let it go..., If it keeps you from your goals-let it go.., If it keeps you afraid and unsure of yourself-let it go.., If it keeps you from a special relationship-let it go.., WHY? If you have to actually think to answer my question-let it go. You are a child of the Most High God. He has given you the most spectacular gift and talent, no matter what it is. He has given you life and every opportunity, resource, tools, ideas, originality, creativity, and inner genius to get it done; beside of course He's right there with you to guide you and protect you through this wonderful journey. He made you for a reason only He know about until He reveals it to you so you can share it with the entire world. If not the world then whatever you consider your world. WHY? Because He love you. Everything about you. From head to toe. Your smile, your cry, your joy, your pain, your good, your bad, your dreams.., Everything that keeps you from your God and the blessing He has in store for you-let it go. Be the dream. Be the goal. Be the everything He made you for and NEVER allow anything keep you from whatever you are or wish to be. It's time to let go. A friend of yours, JMic Whyzgi

No Holding Back

It's time for those with something, not just to say or do but, something, to let it all loose. let it all go and show the world what you're made of. Show the world what you've got because it's like this; what have you got to lose? if nobody likes what you're doing, so what! They don't have to as long as you do. keeping it real within yourself will only increase your confidence towards what you really believe in. So go for it and in the mean time show yourself you at least have what it takes to try. If you can do that you're already winning the hardest part; walking in faith. MW