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Brett Service / Blog

New Post: "I Can Feel Your Heart"

Just posted an internet collaboration, " I Can Feel Your Heart". Music: Brett Service, lyrics: Gabe Stenziano. acoustic guitar, bass, synth, all vocals: Brett Service lead/electric guitar: Michael Duran

Links: www.soundclick.com/gabestenziano www.soundclick.com/michaelduran

Always great collaborating with such gifted musicians!

In The Bleak Midwinter

I love Christmas music....haven't recorded a Christmas song since 2003, so decided to do one..."In The Bleak Midwinter" is now posted for those who wish to listen.

Christmas Songs

I will be posting Christmas songs as we approach Christmas....first Christmas song post, "Still, Still, Still".

"An Ordinary Day"

New post, my version of a song written by Wayland, NY, USA based singer/songwriter Gabe Stenziano's (www.soundclick.com/gabestenziano), recorded and posted with his kind permission.

"Let Love In"...brand new write, now uploaded!

After a very long writer's block, a new song has been born...."Let Love In", is a co-write with my long time friend and collaborator, Gabe Stenziano (www.soundclick.com/gabestenziano). We have recorded several songs, and now written two together, all via the internet. We've only spoken on the phone once...lol...lots of e mail, and mp3's being sent back and forth. I sent Gabe the lyrics for this song, and he sent me back an mp3 with an idea for the melody, and I just ran with it...It's an Eagle's/Bread/America/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band type ballad I guess...well....it is what it is...I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the whole creative process...it's a real high to see a new song come to life. I sincerely appreciate all who listen!



Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens  (9 months ago)

Cudos to you both.....

"Crosstown 2 (new version)"

...Just posted a new version of "Crosstown 2", a song I wrote in 2007...on the bus...yes folks, I wrote a song on a dirty city bus surrounded by strangers...they were all looking at me pretty strangely, but who cares...when the muse calls, everybody listens...even EF Hutton! :)))

Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens  (9 months ago)

I listened Brett and it registered with a message from the cosmic universe ... thanks.

New Post...a cover

"Love Is Possible"...a song written by Terry Kitchen, an amazing singer/songwriter out of the Boston area. Actually recorded this in the summer of 2012....Terry allowed me to record it an post it ( I wasn't on RN then), and who knows....if I ever do an album, I might just have to put this on it...It was nice to play 12 string on a song, and I like the story it tells....

New Collab posted

Something a bit different... a collaboration with two fine artists I met over at Soundclick when I was there. "The Writing On The Wall"..lyrics written by Gabe Stenziano (www.soundclick.com/gabestenziano). "Falch" (www.soundclick.com/falch) a fine guitarist based in Stavanger Norway plays electric slide guitar.

Song credits:

Lyrics: Gabe Stenziano Music: Brett Service vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, electric guitar fills/harmonics/mixing/mastering: Brett Service slide electric: Falch

Everything on this song was done via the internet, transferring high quality audio files by e mail....the 3 of us have never met in person. Gabe and I talked on the phone once... only had communication with Falch via e mail... hope to do more internet collabs soon.