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Minor Nine / Blog

Interviews and new shows

We will be on 95.7 the X in Knoxville on Sept 21st with Oz Kirk. Then our shows begin in Chattanooga on the 26th and in Knoxville on the 27th. We have added a show in January at the Birdhouse with Richard Strater. We have always enjoyed playing shows with him and are looking forward to seeing him again. On Sept 15th (in just a few days) we are doing a Skype interview with Nikki Palomino you can check her out here: https://www.facebook.com/nikki.palomino.7 We hope to pack The Longbranch Saloon on Sept 27th. It's located at 1848 Cumberland Ave. (The Strip) in Knoxville Tennessee. This will be our first official video and we want everyone there. We are looking forward to Sept and can't wait for the fun to begin.

Sept 27th at The Longbranch Saloon in Knoxville

On September 27th, at the Longbranch Saloon in Knoxville Tennessee, we would like all our local fans, friends, and family to come down and see the show. We are going to record the music and make videos of the whole night. American Lesion is coming from Altanta to party with us and be party of this awesome night. We want everyone to be in the video and we want to see everyone again. We want thank everyone for all the support. Thank you Everyone. We will see you in Knoxville.

Minor Nine playing with Hawthorne Heights

Good friends of ours, On My Honor, is opening for Hawthorne Heights along with Minor Nine. This is the second national act we've opened for and we are super excited. In other news we finally got to play with Belfast Six Pack last night along with Imprint at Fannigan's Sports Bar in Maryville, Tennessee. If you are Knoxville on May 27th, please make your way to The Longbranch Saloon and check out the Hawthorne Heights show. See you there.

In the top 50 in the US metal charts for a week now

It's strange to see Minor Nine in the top 50 for over a week. We've been playing a bunch of shows and meeting some great people in really good bands. We played with The Acorn People last week at the Longbranch Saloon in Knoxville. Months back we played with American Lesion who are just really good guys. We will be playing a few shows with them coming up in April. With all the shows coming up we are going to meet many more bands and we can't wait. StoneLine, Ashes to Ruin, Through the Eye, and so many that I can't even begin a list without leaving many people out. This post is really meant to thank everyone. All the supporters who come to the shows and visit our pages because they enjoy the music, the bands who share the stage and the responsibilities with us, to the venue owners and operators who invite us to play, and the local groups who build the music scene from the ground up. We couldn't do this without all of you. We thank you.

First show at The Longbranch in 2014

Last time we played the Longbranch was before Nov 30th. We played at the Saloon many times last year. You could say it was our musical home away from home. Well, we are going back on March 1st with some friends of ours. The Acorn People will be joining us. We played with them twice before at RayderFest. Thank you to Willie Rayder for bringing our two bands together. And we will also be playing with Through the Eye. Now we really like these guys. We played with them first at the park in Harriman. It was supposed to be a blow out, but ended up just being a cool place to meet and become friends. So, if you are not busy on March 1st, please come to 1848 Cumberland Ave, Knoxville TN and bring $5 for the door man. He is a great guy and it wouldn't be happening if it weren't for him. A big thank you to Lucas Sams as well for opening the Saloon to us and our friends. See you there.

Thadd from

Minor Nine

Battle of the Bands Tonight!!!!

Tonight we are playing at The Bowery in Knoxville's Old City. We are playing against two other bands in the first round of The battle. We're very appreciative of the support and the fans that we've gained through this last year, the first year has been amazing. Thank you all for everything you've done and continue to do.

We owe it to our Friends, Family, and Fans

In the last year we have been on RN and it's been such a great experience. The idea of being number one wasn't even dreamed of and we certainly didn't think we would ever get in the top 100 in the United State. Presenty we are 139 in the nation, but we have stiff competition and it make it all more the challenge.

In the coming month we are playing a slew of dates in Tennessee and Georgia. I'm asking you all, bands, fans, friends, and family to come to the show. Because honestly, the only reason we get all these awesome shows is because of the crowd.

We've had many great nights and played with super bands. All I ask is you check out our shows schedule and if we are playing anywhere close to you, please come and check us out.

And while you are on our page, you can check out the music.

Thank you all for reading this.

facebook.com/minornine -- connect and I'll connect the band and my personal page.

Minor Nine Youtube account

We have began to use our youtube and will connect to you if you connect to us. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMS_0dFdQp-8RFqqRVFvSw We appreciate all our fans and musician friends. Come over and check out our newest video which stars Rex's broken leg.. Thank you.

Q-Dawgs in Wartburg

Tomorrow night, Sat Dec 28th Minor Nine is playing at Q-Dawgs in Wartburg with Omega Down from Knoxville. We would like all the local fans and friends to come down and listen to our new friends and help support local music. This is a 21 and up show and will cost 5 dollars at the door. We really appreciate it everyone. all the fans make these things possible. Because of the #1 ranking in RN and all the support on FB, we have shows coming up in 2014 with some really cool bands. We will be in both Memphis and Atlanta in the beginning 2014.

Minor Nine @ The Bowery in Knoxville

We are playing with Shallowpoint, VanKale, Omega Down, and The fifth Street Saints on Oct 11th, 2013. Come over to facebook and join the event, share the page and like us. Thank you