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Armando Sarasua / Blog

buzz off

sittin on the front porch smoking a good cigar and sippin on a 12 y.o. single malt. fly lands on rim of glass (bad enough). fly takes a swan dive into scotch and expires. (dang!) would you take the fly out and continue or drink around it?

me? karaoke? whaaat?

was in Alabama marketing my band jagl and a club owner was asking for a demo cd. I told him we did not have a cd but there were some songs on the web site. he said to audition by singing along to a karaoke thing. in 30+ years of playing music I have never before sung to a karaoke machine. so I did "feels so right" by Alabama. got a standing o and he gave me his card and told me to call him next week to set up some dates. whood a thunk it possible?

studio time - at last!

finally get to steal a few moments to get back in the studio and lay some stuff down!

it's chillin' time!

got (most of) the chores done. now to the patio to sip on a Havana sunset (recipe available, must be 21 or older) and a CLE cigar. later - shrimp salad with a nice pinot grigio and followed by a movie. blessed and thankful for all we have.

sultry salsa song

putting finishing touches on a latin love song - upbeat salsa with sultry, breathy, whispering words about wanting to smell you, to taste you, hear you breathe my name and have you light my flame. I might get in trouble for this one.

blessed weekend

this last weekend is the first time I have played out in public in over two years. felt reeeeeaaal good y'all. am blessed to be associated with some of the area's best musicians who are also laid back and relaxed so that it is fun for all. thanks guys!

new pickup line

ok - not really a line but it is a new pickup. got a Seymour Duncan p-rails for my tele. now playing around with different circuit diagrams - so many options.

mother's day

I wish everyone a safe and happy mother's day.

jagl's first gig

sooo stoked! jagl's first gig is next Friday in orange beach and then Saturday in gulf breeze. been a long time since I rocked and rolled (out in public)

major rain

has stopped raining. got 26.8" in 24 hrs. widespread flooding. I am ok. pray for those that had flood losses and even loss of life.