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Armando Sarasua / Blog

5 string blues

making progress learning on my newsed 5-string bass. getting used to having that big fat earthworm on top - most of the time. {8-) definitely going to replace the single coil with a humbucker though.

another milestone !!!

reached over 2,500 reverbnation fans sometime last night ! woooohooo !!!!

something old something new

bought a used five string bass saturday. working on trying to remember that the biggest, fattest string is not the e-string anymore! also the wider neck is taking some getting used to. always favored narrow necks like hofner's. of course, i will have to mess with the electronics after reworking the setup!!!

sunday afternoon chill

celebrating a good weekend with a cohiba and matusalem 18 yr old rum. life is very good indeed.


revisiting my roots by listening to miami sound machine, buena vista social club, tito puente. love the syncopated percussion !!!

new pickups

have some time in the coming weeks to install a new musicman-style pickup in a bass and a seymour duncan p-rails on a tele. love playing with the hardware almost as much as playing on it!!!

hangin & twangin

sooo looking forward to hangin & twangin wit my homies at happy harbor @ orange beach tomorrow. starts at 6pm. get there, get some food and then come down to party!!!

which rout to take?

conflicted morning. have a new jazz-style pickup to mod a precision-style bass. should i mount it close to the bridge or close to the neck. mebbe i should get another one and do both?

buzz off

sittin on the front porch smoking a good cigar and sippin on a 12 y.o. single malt. fly lands on rim of glass (bad enough). fly takes a swan dive into scotch and expires. (dang!) would you take the fly out and continue or drink around it?

me? karaoke? whaaat?

was in Alabama marketing my band jagl and a club owner was asking for a demo cd. I told him we did not have a cd but there were some songs on the web site. he said to audition by singing along to a karaoke thing. in 30+ years of playing music I have never before sung to a karaoke machine. so I did "feels so right" by Alabama. got a standing o and he gave me his card and told me to call him next week to set up some dates. whood a thunk it possible?