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new song on the way 2

worked on the new dance tune from 0600 'till now. like how it's coming together. gotta go do chores now though! {8-( mebbe can finish it up tonight and post it tomorrow !!!!

new song on the way!

got an idea while eating lunch at my desk the other day. set up the iphone and laid down the beat and hook. brought it home and in the process of fleshing it out. think yer gonna like it if you like to dance. stay tuned!

soooooo sad!!!

it's threatening rain outside. was planning to launch yet another intensive attack on the long-neglected and overgrown back yard. guess i'll have to bag that plan and spend the day in the studio.

great day!

beautiful day in p'cola! big southern breakfast, junk store, studio time. gonna be a great day!!!

good tired

major assault on the flora in the back yard. rapid advance and flanking movements aided by machete, lopping shears and 25 hp riding mower. a little blood was shed - arms and hands bear some punctures and scratches. body is feeling a good kind of tired after all that work. life is good.


which picture to use for profile? original "pointy thangs" or the new "staring at the screen"?

JAGL's first booked gigs!

posted JAGL's first booked gigs on the JAGL web page! thanks to 3rd base pub and Helen Back Again for the opportunity. we will rock the walls for you! go to our band page for bookings details and two of our originals www.reverbnation.com/jagl

new cover for jagl band

worked up bruno mars' "locked out of heaven" to cover in our band jagl. that's gonna be a fun tune to play out!

day gig blues

been a lllloooooonnnnnngggg week at the day gig dealing with beaoucoup administrative sludge. next week promises to be different. might even get to do some real engineering. but now, it's off to the studio!!! {8-) and tomorrow - extended practice!!! {8-))

a very nice day

woke up late @ 0630, had a nice bkfst, practiced for 3.5 hrs while doing laundry, had pizza & wine for lunch, read the paper, took a nap, practiced for another hour, read some tim dorsey, another nap, now headed back to the studio until dinner - chicken enchiladas w/ wine and a movie. life is good.