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Armando Sarasua / Blog

spring incoming

you know spring is soon to be in pensacola when you see a bunch of robins feeding in the yard.

hot idea . . . cold feets

working up the courage to take a perfectly functional bass and rout to drop the bridge lower into the body and rout out a new cavity to replace a jazz single-coil pickup with a humbucker. will post before and after pics if all goes well.

chickens ?!?!?

yeah . . . chickens. a whole herd of them in my yard in the middle of pensacola. was tempted to shoot one for dinner but the local constabulary would probably take a dim view of that. now keep thinking of arroz con pollo.

dryer's rockin again

dryer went out tuesday - drum not turning. checked circuit diagram and made an educated guess. (aka gamble) got part in yesterday. installed this morning. dryer's rockin again. wife happy. i'm happy. life is good !!!

'nother newsed 5-string bass

got another 5-string bass to use as backup during gigs and while i mod the other one. got a new pickup and feel the need to burn my fingers !!!

hi ho

well . . . i didn't win the lottery and none of my songs went platinum so it's off to the day job !!!

christmas message

here's wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. hope you get to spend it in peace with your loved ones.

christmas song

wrote a new christmas-theme song. a slow number in a minor key. trying to tape it before next week so i can share it with you.

quite a productive weekend

quite a productive weekend: four hours practice sat morning - check, van tires rotated - check, hardware store run - check, voted (mixed ticket) check, check, check, check, lookedintomyfavoritejunkstore - check, enjoyed oyster roast at bro-in-law's - check, installed ceiling fan that's been sittin on my congas for five weeks - check. will go back to a couple of hours of practice after looking at email, rn & fb. hope all had a great weekend like i did !!!

cool fall night

low 40's last night. left windows open and snuggled under blankets. kinda hard to get up to go to the bathroom though !!!