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Hi guys i want to say thanks for making a dream come true a few fans have said they can't get my songs on the profile page to play on there phones ,i dont know what the problem is ,if anyone knows how to correct it let me know,but go to my home page on the web and go to my sitezoogle page and the songs play just fine i' m not complaing about reverb they have been great i love them they did just what they said they would and have really helped me get out there world wide and i thank you

new c d

Hi guys this kerry calling on the public saxaphone to let you know my new cd For God so loved the world is out on amazon itunes and many of the digital stores,the cd cotains ten songs that we poured our heart and soul into it,although the cd is a mix of styles it's all praising our Lord Jesus Christ check it out i know you will be blessed.

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