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Carolyn Hock / Blog

A Sad Ending & A New Beginning

They always say that when one door closes, another one opens. Everyone... I now regrettably inform you all that Cody Kulesa and I will not be performing together anymore. As you all are aware, things change, and bands break up. For this situation, it's just simply the fact that him and I needed to go our separate ways. But this status is NOT, and I repeat, NOT about hard feelings or bashing Cody AT ALL. So, I wanted to take this time to acknowledge him and thank him. Cody is one of the most talented, and aspiring musicians I know. He gave his ALL at every show we've ever played at. And I mean everything! He suffered sores, cuts, and blisters on his fingers from pounding the hell out of his cajon, just so he could see everybody having a good time! Literally, he gave his blood, sweat, and tears into music; that's just what he does. He invested so much time and effort into getting equipment, instruments, and practicing on his own and with me. He shared visions with me and so much inspiring imagination of us in the future as musicians; and most importantly he gave me hope and encouragement. He's been a friend to me while the stage was our home at the same time. And of course me and him had our rough patches, and we bickered quite a bit. But, what band hasn't? Regardless, I thank Cody from the bottom of my heart for everything he has ever done for me. And please, continue supporting him!! He seriously deserves it. In the long run, these past 8 months were incredible. And yes, Cody and I are still and always will be best friends. Nothing has changed there. As for me, I'll be doing my solo shows. Everything I have booked for this year is still there. For today, I just have to get through the rest of the day. Then tomorrow, my life starts with a clean slate! Everything that has happened recently is going to be for the better. And I'm very excited to play out more and to release my music out into the world. I'm excited to share my story with you all. I want to thank you all for showing your love and support and being a part of our little family from the start, and especially the Kulesa family. You all have done a lot for me, and you've really shown your support for Cody! I seriously cannot thank you enough and I truly love you guys. This does hurt right now, but it will get so much better for the both of us. Again I want to thank you all for everything. And thank you, Cody, sooo much! You're the best... So, that's it really. It's been real, everyone. Peace.

From A Couple Days Ago... (RANT)

Each one of us has a perspective. Most of us assume. I know the world doesn't revolve around me. But, there are some things that lots of people don't realize... I am not a rockstar... I'm just starting to make my ways around with Cody Kulesa by my side. I'm not playing shows every night. I'm stuck at home working most of the time. I call bars and venues all by myself to book shows and I get rejected most of the time. I'm a starving artist. I'm poor! Lol. I put my heart and soul into nothing but God and music. I am BLESSED that I have this God-given talent. I am blessed that I have a family that supports me and what I do 210%. I am blessed that I have a relationship with God. And I am so grateful for all of that! I don't live the glory life. I'm not sure if any musician lives the glory life. I am struggling! My success in life is NOT to be famous. I don't want to be the next Taylor Swift or the next Hayley Williams. I want to be the first Carolyn Marie. I don't care about being the best singer, or the best guitarist, or the best songwriter, or the best pianist. All I care about is making a living out of what I love to do... And that's music. So what's wrong with that? I'll tell you what's wrong with that. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Do what you love... I cannot express that enough.

Just Saying Hi

It's been forever since I've blogged. I feel like that's how all of my blogs start out... So, for those of you who have seen, I have a new, dedicated band member! His name is Cody Kulesa. I just graduated with him last summer of 2013 in Canon-McMillan High School. Cody is 19 years old and plays almost everything; drums, guitar, bass, cajon, calimba, djembe, mandolin, banjo, a little bit of piano, didgeridoo... Not even kidding, you name it. Currently, he's been trying to sing because it's something that he hasn't mastered yet until he decided to accomplish this past month; like a New Year's resolution if you will. He's a music prodigy. My acoustic solo shows were getting boring in my opinion. So I needed a little help; a little something extra. Luckily, he has the same passion as I do for music-- OBVIOUSLY. Our first show together as an acoustic duo was in this past year's November at The Bull Pen Rustic Inn (which we'll be playing there this Thursday from 6-9 PM). The night after, we played a prime time show at Bee'z Bistro & Pub, which is personally my home pub. Cody brings a lot to our shows, and that was a very successful weekend playing with him as an acoustic duo. Since then, we've been opening for bands and playing new places and we love what we do. I think one of our favorite parts of giggin is the bar food.... WE LOVE BAR FOOD. Everyone has been supporting us and giving us so much love and Cody and I are kinda on a roll. We don't wanna stop, and we never will. I've been trying to get Cody a personal profile on Reverb, and I'm struggling. But it will happen someday! While you're at it, add Cody on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, why not!? Facebook- Cody Kulesa. Twitter and Instagram- @codykulesa. He's an awesome dude and he loves meeting new people. I have to give a shout out to my dad.... (soundman, driver, manager, roadie in a girl band... lol). I don't know what I'd do without him. I'm also happy to announce that Cody has been a part of our Crossroads United Methodist worship team at our church since... I wanna say November. Speaking of which, me and him will be playing on the worship team at our church THIS SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!! We're also playing along with my good friend and fantastic musician, worship leader, and Daughter of Christ, Alli Roddy; AND bassist, James Davis of Unparalleled Height... Heights? I don't know... Anyway, I am very excited, this is my second year of playing on the worship team for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY and it's always a blast. FREAKING HOT DOGS AND POPCORN IN CHURCH!!!!!!!!!

In the New with Carolyn Hock... (cheesy title)

Ten days ago, me, Cody Kulesa, Jim Scarlett, and Tristan Rehak won a Battle of the Bands competition against 2 other pretty sweet bands at a youth ministry!! We got a little trophy which I did the honor of giving to Cody. He's done a lot for me and his level of commitment proves it well. We also split the prize of a whopping $200! It was a wonderful way to kick off this new youth ministry. The crowd was pumped and it definitely seemed like a lot of kids wanted to come back. God was definitely at work that night! Then 4 days ago, me, Cody, and Alli Roddy (my two very best friends) performed an acoustic show at a Christian community day up in Etna, PA. God was definitely at work AGAIN! Now me, Cody, and Alli will be playing 2 Christian shows in 2 weeks!! I enjoy playing with them. We all feed off of each other so well and put a lot of creativity together. I will post soon the dates, times, and places where these shows will be. Hope to see some of you guys there. I'm also working on my originals. I'm kind of on a writing high since I've been having writer's block for a really long time. I just finished recording a new song called Lead Me To Your Heart. One guitar track, one piano track, and 4 vocal tracks!! Haha it's actually my longest song. A good 5:38 long.. I really can't wait for you guys to hear it and I can't wait to continue writing more and getting these into the studio. Hope to be having an EP really soon!! Thanks for all of your support and stay tuned to what's up and coming. Lots of Love and Rock n' Roll!! 3


I just wanted to thank everyone for clicking on my page, becoming my, and supporting me and my music! My buddy, Cody Kulesa, is starting a band and putting some things together like a band profile, youtube page, (etc). Stay tuned as we wait for all of that to happen, it will all be announced sooner or later!! Again, thank you so much for your support. Check out some of my acoustic, raw originals on www.soundcloud.com just type in Carolyn Hock in the search box. Thank you so much, everyone!!

Shows of August!!!

I really hope all of you can come to the Washington County Fair to see me and Luke Paskert perform and sponsor Washington's Got Talent!! AND I hope you guys can come on out to Heartwood Acres to see me and my band perform at the Backyard Blessings Music Festival where they are sponsoring local christian bands!! Check out the events on facebook, thanks guys! Lots of Love & Rock n' Roll 3


Backyard Blessings rehearsal was AWESOME last night. I am honored to play with my good friends, and amazing musicians Cody Kulesa (bass), Alli Roddy (rhythm guitar), Jim Scarlett (lead guitar), and Triston Rehak (drums). We have a lot in store for you guys to see! I'm so glad everyone is getting along and sharing their new creative ideas for the show. We had a lot of laughs and there's gonna be a lot of funny and epic things happening during the festival for our time slot. Remember!! We go on at 2 PM. Check out the event on Facebook!!

My Rise To Success

I WILL get there someday. I'm not saying "I hope" anymore. If I keep saying "I will", I'll be more determined to achieve that success. I can do it!!! AND SO CAN YOU. And I don't want a fallback. That just gives me room to fail. Which is NOT what I'm gonna do!! #MOTIVATION