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Roland Jupiter-50

Spent the weekend gigging with my Jupiter-50. Overall review: it is lightweight, reliable, boots up quick, and has easily accessed sounds and layers. The keyboard withstood a pounding and the synth style keybed was responsive and expressive, even without being weighted or hammer action. I think the piano sound is a bit dark, but I was easily able to layer some things on to it to get more cut in the mix. Emulating 80's style keyboard and synth sounds was incredibly easy and the patches sounded spot on. The organ was very serviceable and allowed me to use just one keyboard on an outdoor festival with a distant load-in situation. Loved not having to lug a second set of keys! I think the Jupiter-50 makes for a great lightweight all in one gigging set of keys that I will continue to use on shows requiring the types of sounds it produces or as an alternative to my typical heavy two keyboard gigging setup.

Korg SV-1 Reverse Keys

One of my favorite keyboards in my rig is my Korg SV-1 88 Reverse Keys. Anyone else out there enjoying theirs?