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Some Things To Talk About

Hello Friends, At http://wwwtouraineshaffer.com there's a few things to talk about. Join me!

Mastering: How Important Is It?

Well as an unknown artist (I say unknown because mass success has yet to knock at my door) this subject has been one that causes more discussion than many. And it is mostly because of economics as with other subjects as software updates, equipment updates etc. But like any other business one may venture into the fact always stands to reason "If you want to hang with the big dogs you have to leave the porch"No matter how you feel about it the truth remains plain and simple. Yes it's expensive and because of this fact mastering shouldn't be pursued until you know your product is TRULY ready. I mean top notch sound wise everything is in it's rightful place in the spacing spectrum, Vox (Lead and BG) are sitting well in the mix, Bass and kick drum are well separated as to not muddy up the mix. I could go on hear but I think the message is understood don't pursue mastering until the mix has been properly prepared. If you don't follow this advise, wow! Talk about expensive and wasting money.

Now I'm not trying to preach to you but take this from me I've spun my wheels long enough trying to shortcut the game and I've learned the hard way it doesn't work. Trust me, the big boys know when you've done the homework and if you're trying to pursue the avenues of music licensing, or publishing (which is where the big bucks sit and wait for those who've earned their turn at the take) these guys have heard too much great, well polished, and professionally completed work to sit and force themselves to digest some half___ work from up-and-comers who aren't up-and-ready. So if you're not capable of achieving the result I speak of to the degree of acceptance from those who count, then I suggest you do what I did. Find a professional who's willing to help you get your product to that level. For a few years now I've worked with Skyline Sound in California whose been coaching me on the do's and don'ts of the music business and they'll tell I've made some crazy 'don't' decisions in my time. But J. Arnold has been a true trooper in helping me along this rough musical journey and I owe him great thanks.

So all you artist who think it's a waste of money or think you can go it alone on the mastering, you better be great at it because it could be the difference in your success or failure. And folks to me failure's not a option.

Great Professional Services

TDNA here to give a shoutout to who I believe is one of the most professionally qualified, and honest, mastering engineers in this business. Thanks and praises to Jason Arnold of Skyline Sound for the fantastic efforts he rendered to my music. If you need mastering services here's your man Jason Arnold: Post Production Studio Manager at Skyline Sound Studio City, California (Greater Los Angeles Area) Entertainment email:jason@skylinesound

Listen to the Song(s) here(once they are completed and posted) and you'll get a great feel for his mixing and production qualities he provided to my co efforts as well. His ears are amazing, there's nothing he will miss at least that's my experience with him. Totally satisfied with his work and you will be too.

EP soon to come!

Led to Believe

Hello everyone it's TDNA here bringing you new music for your 
soul and mind. I'd like to explain the purpose of this project (I try to always have a method to my madness). I've been given the duty of inspiring and motivating through music. Now you may ask who gave you such a responsibility? And I can quickly answer GOD! 

Now as I began pursuing this process I asked God to inspire and motivate me and He began by revealing a good message is important for encouraging positive attitudes. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones we then create positive results. I said GOD that's fantastic! He said "I know I said it". Then He went on to tell me that nothing can stop a person with His help and the right attitude from reaching their goals within His will for them, but rest assured nothing on earth will help someone with the wrong attitude reach theirs.

 So with this project I'm presenting songs to stimulate your desire to
maximize your potential. To think positive isn't enough one must feel and act upon it.  I pray you hear a song or two that will inspire and motivate you seek to do greater things. Enjoy the music and I promise more to come in the future. There's plenty of beats and sounds caged within me just waiting to be freed.  

In closing I vow to provide my continued musical support with songs that serve to inspire you to reach for your goals. I'll always give you my best in everything I do. In our lives I believe everything is meaningful even if in a sense is beyond our understanding. This is what I'm "Led To Believe"

Feel free to talk back to me if you like