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Carmen Amoros / Blog

Evelyn Amoros-Centeno Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Know a band with a HUGE fan following that's willing to volunteer a performance for a benefit concert in New York? We are looking for such a band. As a matter of fact, we seek five bands for a benefit concert program. We are interested in mixing up the program with classical performances, classic rock, pop and contemporary Christian music bands.


Email us at CarmenAmorosG@gmail.com if you know a band with a solidly large fan following!

We don't have a concert date yet, but one will be announced soon!

Thank you!

Work on Sister's Fundraising

Hi everyone, I have been unable to keep my focus on my own work, because my focus has been on helping to manage with my sister's fundraising campaign, so I ask that you please forgive my small absenses from the social networks. I don't say much to keep the focus on my sister's cause, although you will see me posting my sister's Breast Cancer Fund website everywhere. Please help me to continue to share the link below with everyone you know. Please!


Support the Evelyn Amoros-Centeno Breast Cancer Fund

It has been a while since I've been on ReverbNation and I have much catching up to do. I still have over 2360 messages to read and I have no clue when I'll finish reading them, but I wish to thank everyone for writing me here on ReverbNation.

Part of the reason I have been away a while was due to personal family problems with my mother's Alzheimers and now my younger sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is no joke as you all know!!!

A fund development website has been set up to support my sister's medical treatments, would you please visit the site and send others to lend their support. Those who pledge on the website are also welcome to become team members who will help us to grow our team. Visit the Evelyn Amoros-Centeno Breast Cancer Fund page at GiveForward to pledge, at: http://goo.gl/iWkO8b

Those who wish to send their contributions by the mail can send their checks made out to Evelyn Amoros-Centeno and mail it to this postal address:

Attn: Evelyn Amoros-Centeno c/o Carmen A.Goldberg 110-64 Queens Blvd PMB#119 Forest Hills, NY 11375

Thank you for all that you do and may God richly bless you and your families for your support!

Visit the Evelyn Amoros-Centeno Face of Courage page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/EvelyntheBraveHearted

Attention all Fans! "Bella & Michael Amante Interview"

Dear Fans! The Bella and Michael Amante Interview is now available for download on all electronic devices.

By now there are approximately 4,000 of you on my page. I would love to bring to your attention this marvelous interview featuring "The Dream Team" which is what I call them - Bella and The People's Tenor Michael Amante, the world reknowned tenor who performed Phantom of the Opera on stage in New York City. Read his extensive bio at: http://michaelamantemusic.com/about.html before the interview if you wish.

This is a fabulous Valentines Day interview that was repeated live due to popular demand. I would love for you to tune in and listen to it, and while you're listening click 'Follow' and 'Subscribe' to get future shows downloaded to your 'iTunes'. The program is FREE so please listen and invite your friends to tune in alls. I call them "The Dream Team" because this couple has put many people together during Michael's performances, on stage to do marriage proposals.

On this interview Bella and Michael talking candidly about their work, their touring, how they met and a little bit about their romance and their story. Hey! I told you it's a Valentine's Day Interview, didn't I? You're going to love it so please tune in.

Copy and paste the New York Podcasting Cafe URL to listen to this episode.

Here is the link--- http://goo.gl/cWb0RN

Feel free to subscribe to the 'RSS' feed which will keep you up-to-date on the latest programs.


To My Fans on ReverbNation

Dear RN Fans! I had made a promise last year that I was unable to keep due to various developments that hit close to home. First, there was my mother's illness and then I came down with a few health struggles of my own and I was unable to do that contest that I had promised I would do, which was to do set up a drawing from where one feature artist would appear on my program per month. Sadly, the series of events in my personal family life has changed my plans, but I want you to know what I would like to feature songs from as many of my RN friends as possible on my program. I was thinking of spinning some songs that highlight four different artists over several 1 hour episodes. I figured that doing this, I could make up for not having been able to do the drawings I promise. If you are an artist who has a very good quality product and wish your music featured on my program write me at http://blogtalkradio.com/newyorkpodcastingcafe and while you are there would you please Follow me and subscribe to the program, so that you can hear the artists that I will be featuring on my program? I would love that very much!

Thank you for understanding and I am sorry that the series of events that I have experienced changed everything. I appreciate your support by spreading the news about the program. Thank you so much for tuning in!

Tonight July 17, 8 PM - Interview with International Tenor Andy Cooney

Dear Fans of Carmen Amoros on ReverbNation!

We have a very delightful interview presentation for you tonight. Internationally acclaimed Tenor Andy Cooney will be talking a bit about his music on my program, about his sold out concerts, his duets with American legends Larry Gatlin and Crystal Gayle and a myriad of other international artists.

A super humble, philanthropist who uses his voice for great causes, Andy will also be talking about his new music CD being produced by the GREAT Phil Coulter in Ireland and yes, he gives insight on the fact that as an artist it has not always been an easy climb to the top of his career.

In Andy Cooney, every artist and fan will find a friend, confident who speaks earnestly and candidly about his music, with grace and humor. You're GOING TO LOVE THIS INTERVIEW, because he shares his tips for making it as an artist. Please tune in. If you are unable too hear the LIVE ON AIR (remember the interview listener base may max out because it is on a server), you WILL be able to download it to your PC, iPad, iPhone or listening device 10 minutes after the LIVE interview ends.

Interview with Tenor Andy Cooney Irish America's Favorite Son, tonight 8:00 pm! Listen tonight or download later! http://lnkd.in/SM8-Xf

Please accept my sincerest and deepest thank you for tuning in and saying 'Hi' to Andy on Facebook and tell him how much you loved the interview! https://www.facebook.com/andy.cooney.75?fref=ts

Thank you again and God bless you all!

Carmen Amoros

International Tenor Andy Cooney



I am PRO-MEN. Read my Article!

An Important Fact: Men Mattered, Men Still Matter and Men Will Continue to Matter Posted on June 4, 2013 | Leave a comment

It is sad to listen to conversations women have with each other on trains, buses and even in after meetings in boardrooms. It seems that men, maleness, and fatherhood have been under siege in American culture for decades. Sadly the feminist movement somehow veered off course from its original aim of helping women achieve equality and ended up making enemies of men. I am a woman, but the fact is that I have noticed the practice of male bashing and husband bashing and it is like a cancer that is happening even in places where you would expect that people would uphold each other. I heard a writer say that men are great! I wholeheartedly agree.

Empower your man by encouraging him to do better, don’t show off if you earn more money than he does, or have a higher education than he does. Help others to see men as your most valuable asset and your greatest form of protection. If you are a female boss, don’t let feminist prejudices cloud your judgement. You can hire great men who can be equally as loyal if not more loyal to you, at times, than some women.

If you are a wife don’t reduce your husband’s standing publicly with demeaning public arguments that embarrass him. If you wish to get the same treatment in return and be treated badly, then knock yourself out and continue your pattern of reckless endangerment to your relationships with men or the man in your life. To women who feel that because they have achieved success, are empowered and feel they no longer need male moral support, I say think again!!! History shows that it has also been because of great men who have noticed that women deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace, men who also walked alongside of women during the civil rights movements (yes there were great men who fought for women’s rights – Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage was a society formed in 1907 by the left-wing writers Henry Brailsford, Max Eastman, Laurence Housman, Henry Nevinson and others to pursue women’s suffrage) and other men who have paved the way for the development of women’s rights, that women have actually become more empowered in our society.

READ ON at --- http://carmenamorosgoldberg.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/an-important-fact-men-mattered-men-still-matter-and-men-will-continue-to-matter/



Interview with Don Flanagan: Reflections of a US Navy Hero Turned Musician

You're going to enjoy this heartwarming interview with US Navy Hero and now Musician Don Flanagan. It's a must hear! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newyorkpodcastingcafe/2013/05/23/a-navy-hero-and-his-music

Always the Schedule Changes But Thankful!

We have a full day's work cut out tomorrow. Assisting my husband tomorrow (who is Coordinator of the Music Master's program) in Forest Hills, NY and working on getting the stringed trio (violins/cello) arrangement done for the song "The Prayer," which will be recorded at a New York recording studio. My music review with GMA in Nashville, Tennessee has been reschedule for 2014 due to an important personal matter. The review of my music performance will happen next year, as the welcome is still open and I am still here, but I am so happy because not having been able to make the GMA conference means that I get to spend the Memorial Day weekend with some of my Family, a little later in the day tomorrow. I cannot wait to hang with my clan...my blood... my family!