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Holy Shit….You've Got To Get On That!!

Hey Everyone,

It's been a few weeks since I've had a post and since "someone" has said they would be getting revenge I should start off with saying that the other 2 bananas that are in our band had no part in what happened at the last show...I take full responsibility for the shenanigans that transpired. Now truth be told Marco did say that I require adult supervision when going to Dollar Rama as I don't know when to stop but it just seemed fitting and really when walking through the store there were so many ideas that ran through my head that it seemed right to purchase those items (lol). I know my time will come and the dancing midgets will appear on stage (I've got to see how this one is pulled off) but if we can't have fun with our own band mates then that means that we've got to take it out on someone else and I think we've done enough to our friend Steve.

So as Jeff eluded to last week we've started working on some new material and laying down some riffs for future songs and it seems to be going nicely so far. The new ideas seem to have a more aggressive feel to it and I'd like to think that we're trying to push ourselves with this new stuff. We've also decided that the next couple of tunes will be a theme based (either trilogy or a four part story). I've started working on the lyrics for the first song and think that I have it down but I really want the guys input on these as usually it's something I do on my own. I'm looking forward to what we have coming down the pipe and I'm sure we'll write more about it as it comes along.

Last but not least I just want to give a huge shout out to some friends of our from D.W.A. (Driven With Aggression) as it seems like they finally got their shit together and are back in the saddle and we're looking forward to sharing the stage with them again (hopefully sooner rather than later). It would be nice to have them and My Hollow along with us on the same bill or even an out of town gig.

Until we meet again J

Revenge Will Be Mine

So last week on March 21st DR had a show with a few local bands at the Rock Pile East in Scarborough Ont., this marks our 3rd show of the year thus far. The turn out was a little disappointing for a Friday night but we still made the best of it. A few speed bumps along the way such as Jorge breaking a string half way through the set and my bass sound cutting out most of the night kept us on our toes. The show must go on and it did. The crowd was rowdy for its size which kept the overall energy high as we played our set. Now for the fun stuff. My band mates though it would be a good idea to embarrass me on stage while using the cover of my up coming birthday on March 24th. They had my nephew Dylan who was in attendance come on stage and grab my bass out of my hands all while wearing a long haired wig and toque mocking my usual off stage appearance. Pink butterfly wings, a tiara and pomp poms came out of thin air and magically found their way on to my body. (those prick bastards used my daughter as leverage in convincing me to put that shit on) once my shame was at an all time high they got everyone in attendance to join in and help sing a heavy metal version of Happy Birthday. YAY FUCKING ME! the only highlight was the shot of Jag I had after this ordeal was over. Thank you Megan. Anyways we finished up our set and called it a night. All in all a good night.

REVENGE will be mine. You can bet your balls on that folks. At least one opportunity has been confirmed. We have a show booked for Aug 1st with "The Agonist" in Toronto. Just so happens to be 2 days away from Jorge's b-day. I will have something planned, rest assured and it will be something to see. I envision dancing Midgets and......... I have said too much. Jorge watch the fuck out and the rest of you (Marco and Nelson) are not off the hook either.

On a side note the Maple Leafs finally won a game last night after losing 8 straight and watching their Playoff hopes go down the shitter :) there still is a chance but a small one at best. Go Leafs Go !

Side note # Deux We have the foundations of a new song completed and a few riffs ready for a second one. Feels good to be writing again.

Till next time.


Curly, Larry & Moe

Hello everybody, let me start by saying how I can't wait to hit the stage Friday night. Yes, that's right, we have another show coming up on Friday, March. 21 at the RockPile East. It's been a rough month for me at work and I need to release the juices as there's no better way I can think of than rockin' out on stage at the end of a long week. One thing I've realized over the years playing with these three miserable bastards is how much our music is a release for me in the sense that no matter how bad my week is going, jamming at rehearsal or playing live soothes the soul. Sometimes we tend to take things for granted in life, and the more I see all the bands we have known for ages that are broken up now for various reasons, I think of how shitty it would be to stop doing something you love especially when you aren't ready to pack things in just yet. I think there comes a point when you hit a rough patch and you think you might be ready to pack it in and call it quits, but I have much more to give and I reckon Desolate Rage as a whole is on the same page, if I'm wrong then I just may have I pimp-slap these three dummies from shortest to tallest......I won't say who the short one is:) On another note, I think we're just about ready to start working on some new material and I think it's about time, being that we spent the better part of last year in the recording studio, we could use some new songs to get our creative side going. Well, it's time to go now. Until next time, Marcus Aurelius

Goooooo Canada!

I'd like to start off by saying how proud I am of our Olympic stars, especially the men and women's hockey team! They did us proud this week! I grew up playing hockey in some cold-ass winters, playing on the street and in school yards, indoor and outdoor leagues. Being our national sport I can't help but think of all those years I've enjoyed playing, and when I watch our Canadian Olympic team celebrate every goal like they were kids again I can't help but feel so proud to be Canadian. Ok, enough with the mushy stuff, it's been awesome playing shows again as most of you know we just played two shows for the first time in almost a year and I forgot how much I missed it! After months of being in the studio and now playing some shows, I am ready to get back to working on some new material again. No idea what direction we are headed in the writing sense but I am ready to put some crazy shit together and hope the boys are ready too! We'll go with the flow and see what happens:) Until next time, Marco

Can't Find My Crayons

Hey everyone, it's been a long time but I felt like saying hi! Well, I'm happy as a pig in shit because things are running great. Everyone's in a good mood, shows are going great and no one complains too much of body pain.

To all our new friends out there I want to say ROCK ON! Let's have a beer sometime, We (Desolate Rage) are a fun bunch of guys and joke all the time. The rest of the guys even wanted me to write a blog with crayons like some sponge helmet wearing six year old……FUCK that shit…..can't find them.

Well thanks to all and hope that everyone from here to the NEtherlands is enjoying our music. See you all next time Your bud, Nelson

So What's Next?

Greetings to you all,

As I sit here typing on my laptop at 2 in the morning I am left pondering what’s next for Desolate Rage? All the blogs prior to this one have touched upon our new album and the process of recording it. Well it has now been released as of Jan 31st 2014 and we had a CD release party at a local club with all our friends in attendance. It went very well considering the weather was shit! Got to love living in Canada...So now that the build up to the release has come and gone, what’s next? In the short term we are playing in Kitchener, Ontario this coming Saturday for the first time. A show put together through the wonders of the internet. A band out in Sudbury (approx 6 hrs north of Toronto) reached out to us and got us on the bill. Small fucking world eh? One can’t help but wonder what other surprises are in store for us down the road? The internet opens up a whole new world for us all. This week we discovered that our music has reached parts of Europe such as Germany, The Czech Republic, Norway and a few others countries. Not to mention Russia, Great Britain and the US too. This is a total mind fuck let me tell you. People in these countries are also following our blog. Who knew? I thought no one read this shit! LOL

The discovery of all this has been a humbling one to say the least. It means more to us than you know the fact that others around the world give a fuck.

Looking back at our less than glamorous beginnings of being a garage band to playing every dive in the city we have come a long way. Obtaining modest success a few years ago under a different name to watching it all crumble before our very eyes to now having our music being heard half way around the world has been one hell of a journey. There are thousands of bands out there in the same boat as us, past and present. It’s a tough gig being in a band these days. The competition is insane. And it’s all a crap shoot really. One lucky break and you might be on your way to success or one crappy moment away from throwing in the towel and giving up for good. At least in this point of my life I can say that I accomplished something worth while. I play in a band, we write our own music and people around the world have heard it. That is fucking cool. And I don’t give a damn who disagrees with that. To me that is all the success I need.

So what else awaits us? Writing new material, perhaps? Touring, fucked if I know? More adversity? Hope not! Either way we are ready for what awaits.

It has been an awesome journey to this point. Let’s see what’s in store for us in the future! To all the people near and abroad on behalf of us all @ Desolate Rage Thank you for your support.

Jeff Desolate Rage

P.S – going to bed now, I have work tomorrow. Waking up sucks donkey balls!


Hello to all,

Well, it's nice to be back to writing on our blog as it's been a while with the holidays and all. The time has finally come, for we as Desolate Rage have been waiting to hit the stage again after almost a year on February 1st at The Rock Pile Bar & Nightclub West. This will be our new album release show and we will be playing alongside some kick-ass bands and are looking forward to be reuniting once again with the likes of "My Hollow" and possibly "Nephelium". It's wicked to make some noise with these guys as we have played some heavy shows with My Hollow and haven't had too many opportunities to play with Nephelium but we hope to play many more with them! I would like to thank Steve from S&S promotions for organizing this show for us and it's been a pleasure working with him for so many years.

All you Ma's out there get your asses to the show on Feb. 1st and rock it out "you know what I'm sayin'? as J. to the R.O.C. would say:) For those of you who watch Trailer Park Boys you would understand what the hell I'm sayin'......eeeuuurrrr sayin'!! Next week will be crayon and construction paper time as somebody will be writing the blog next week who hasn't done so for some time and we all want to give him a warm welcome!

Thanks, Marco

Happy New......What?

Hey Everyone,

Let's start with all the usual stuff....Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate), Happy New Year, and we're done!

So as I'm sure some of you have seen the website got a bit of a face-lift over the holidays and some new additions to it (mainly the lyrics page, the media page and the contact us page). We went with an old school feel with the metal and rivets to give it that industrial type look....take a look around and enjoy.

I'm sure you've also heard that we've finally decided on a release date for Evolution's Mistake - The digital album will be released on January 31st, 2014.....you can pre-order it from desolaterage.bandcamp.com and get our first single now "Horns to Hell" and then receive the rest of the album on Jan. 31st. As for a physical release we haven't decided yet on a date but I'm sure we'll keep you posted about it.

So let's start the new year off like this and see where it takes us....hopefully we'll be out there playing soon and we're looking forward to the new things to come Cheers, Just


Well it’s that crazy ass time of the year again. You know the one where people lose their shit over what gifts to buy and where the money to pay for all of these gifts comes from? Where we gorge on artery clogging foods, blow our livers to kingdom come on eggnog and ensure we get diabetes somewhere down the road by stuffing our collective faces with holiday baked goods! Yep, it’s good old X-mas time. Or what ever other holiday you happen to celebrate this time of year. The end result is all the same. Eat, drink and make an ass out of yourself =D

For this holiday season, Desolate rage is currently working on a release date for the now finished album “Evolution's Mistake” there will be more on that as the next few blogs come up. Aside from that we will try to get the odd practice in when ever we can during this busy season. Trying to stay sharp for the coming years show dates. We came close to a few shows prior to the holiday season but timing as usual was not right. With Nelson in Cuba (you bastard) and the passing of my Aunt we had to say no to what would have been a fun show. On that night Cryptopsy was in town with My Hollow opening for them. Jorge still managed to get up on stage with My Hollow and performed “Kings With No Castles” with the boys which was pretty cool. On a side note just prior to the show, MH guitarist Greg fell of the stage while loading gear which resulted in him landing on his left hand and banging the shit out of it. No small miracle that he was able to finish the set but once the swelling started he was fucked! We wish him a speedy recovery.

That’s it for me this week.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us to you. Later Jeff

What's Old Is New Again

Hey Ragers!! Since this blog won't let me post the whole thing here is the link to the blog from our site so you can read this weeks blog...cheers! http://desolaterage.blogspot.ca