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Winchester / Blog

"Summer" and why she is so important

I sat on the steps and watched you drive away. I sat there for thirty mins, without moving. My guitar was on the other side of the door, right next to the computer in the library, when I stepped inside, I saw the guitar, grabbed it and went right back to where I was sitting. I wrote the music to this song from start to finish in one play through. I went back inside and grabbed a pen and paper and the stars helped me write down what I had sang. If you've ever tried to write a song, unless you're bob dylan, that won't happen. I wrote her... Actually I don't feel like I wrote her anything, that song was a gift from God to help me with my soon to be heart break. But the paper that I had put the pen to talked about how time wants changing, you know, someday I won't love the same song I loved today, or anything with tastes. The car that you have will eventually breakdown, and the face of the world, your face, time will make it different. But I would do anything to defy time, and make whatever we had work. After you left, I played that song anytime I felt bad. So I was playing it almost hourly. haha. And as the song suggest, time changed things. Even the words to the song I played to ease my heartache.

Eventually I showed Pacman the song, I said I wouldn't mind changing a few of the cheesy lines. And he came back with lyrics to help him ease his heartache from long ago. Maybe we both needed this song. He kept a few of the lines to the song, most of them have been changed to fit a different relationship, for a different person. The truth is I need time to wrap my head around the new lyrics, the was the song I played, literally every night to... I don't know. Fix myself I guess. Now it was different, now it was better. One night, we decided to go into to record the song (a different time than this recording) and I said "but we don't have the lyrics down yet, and he sent the one's you hear on this recording (which I love) and I responded "Its close but its not about how it happened anymore." or something like that and he said something that made me love the song even more. "That's how it happened to me" We sat down to practice the song before the first recording. And something clicked, we could have had the words to "john jacob jingleheimer schmidt" and it would have still been about that night on my porch, with the stars lighting my notepad and guitar. The notes of the song spell it out. They talk about you, the words speak of another girl he knew. But the music, this song, will always be yours. That's how this song saved the both of who wrote it. And whenever you hear it, you can be sure that we're only trying to remedy what time took from us. This song helped me to be happy again. Or, gave me a better understanding of thoughts I couldn't speak. I mean, you're happy now, and I have to live with that. haha