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Emmett North Jr. / Blog

What's A Blog? Someone Please Tell Me!

Bloggers out there what's a blog? Is it your daily thoughts,what? So this will be my first blog trying to get some understanding of the term,i'm old school hit me back,Emmett North Jr.

PASSION - Tracey Mun Roe
PASSION - Tracey Mun Roe  (over 2 years ago)

Everyone decides that for himself or, in my case, herself. If you'd like to know, I invite you to check out mine.

Erin Rose Conner
Erin Rose Conner  (about 2 years ago)

I learned from going out and reading some--and I can't crystalllize it in a comment. Would purely love it if you'd give mine a try: http://bardicrose.wordpress.com/
And here's a blog post I found educational in learning how to blog well: http://pushingsocial.com/the-spectacular-post-formula/

Carmen Amoros
Carmen Amoros  (over 1 year ago)

A Blog is your own personal space...a special place where you can talk about the development of your tour, your new music CD and write about the people who email you or call you to say just how much your music has touched and affected their lives. It's a place where you can come tell your fans, you had a great day or a bad day or ask their opinion about the color of a new suit you want to buy, or get input from fans or the public about what they would like to hear in your next music CD. It's about what suits your fancy and makes you happy to express your uniqueness, which in turn is welcomed by the people who follow you. It is where you bear your heart sometimes too (though not everything) and as a result people get to know you through the things you share with them. I hope this helps. It is how I blog. Some folks lecture, teach, do webinars out of their blogs and conduct personal business out of them. They even podcast in their blogs as I do. It is about you incorporating your faith, business, talent, creativity into the blog so people see your heart and personality and love that they know whose music they are buying. It can also be about you withholding a lot of yourself and just sharing only your music. It is all entirely up to you! ;-)

Kevin (wags) Kane
Kevin (wags) Kane  (over 1 year ago)

blogs seem strange to our generation!!! LOL

Maryjanerobi  (about 10 hours ago)

A blog is somthing you'd like to share about yourself or your daily journal such as in your musical life. and post it online is called a blog. I hope it helps.