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Emmett North Jr. / Blog

Thinking About My Late Friend Kenny Moore,Tina Turner's Keyboardist!

Sitting thinking about the blog i just wrote about Helen Reddy and my late friend Kenny Moore came to mind,Kenny Moore was Tina Turner organ player and MD for her back up band,he passed away too soon,Tina was on tour in think in australia when Kenny passed from a heart attack i think and also my good friend Bill Sepe just passed away and he was my road manager when i toured with Barry White during the 70's,80's and 90's,RIP guys i'm going to miss you all!

I Had Forgotten That I Know Singer Helen Reddy!

I was sitting here at home chilling and thought about my good friend Helen Reddy whom i've met and hung out a few times in hollywood each time she flew in from australia to visit her son and daughter whom reside in the LA metro area,we've been knowing each other since the 90's when i resided in hollywood and a few times she drove out to my north hollywood apartment,we chilled and talked a little about what she's doing after giving up the stage career singing,great memories! I met her through John B.Williams & his wife who's a singer ,John B. was former bass player on the original Arsenio Hall TV Show that aired in the 90's.

Famous White Guitarist From My Home Town-Dayton,Ohio!

I'm from dayton,ohio and over the years i have heard about guitarist John Schofield in the 70's and read that he had worked many years in motown playing and doing sessions,growing up in dayton i never heard anything about him until the 70's,i'm just learning that he's from my hometown dayton and that he's collaborated with Miles Davis,replaced Pat Metheny with Gary Burton,Charles Mingus and he's worked with many other major artist in jazz and blues,he's to be on tour now and it's jan. ,13,2015,i thought that i should mention this for other friends and musicians who don't know him or didn't know he was from dayton,i was shocked when i found out that he was from my home in ohio,i'm happy to say that there's a bad ass white guitarist from my home because there were plenty of black ones i knew about.

Greg Cooper
Greg Cooper  (about 1 month ago)

Once in a while strange things happen:)

I Was Invited To Jim Brown's Home Twice!!!

During the 90's i resided in hollywood on hollywood bl. and was invited to attend Jim Brown's home in the hollywood hills by the hollywood branch of the NAACP,i went twice in two years and think it was a function for the NAACP hollywood branch,Barry White and Bobby Womack, Bobby were asking me if Barry would attend,i didn't know and he never arrived but i did meet Jim Brown in his kitchen,the view from his back yard by the pool has a great view of the city being in the hills,i was honored to be asked to attend,i enjoyed the lobster,crab,steak & shrimp and of course meeting any celebrities who attended,what great memories from back in the day or should i say my 'Hay-Day'!!!

A Few More Famous People I've Met!!!

Throughout my music career i've met quite a few famous people,i have mentioned others before and here are a few more not mentioned like Sheila E. u met at the NAMM Music convention in anaheim,singer Dobie Gray i met when with Barry White,we were staying at a hotel in Lake Tahoe and he was performing at the hotel,Ra;ph Johnson of Earth,Wind & Fire i met in a office at a music promotion or production in the san fernando valley,Rod Temperton band leader and originator of Heat Wave i met in dayton,ohio at Heat Wave Keith Wilder's wedding after party at an old amusement park called Lakeside where the Ohio Players and The Funkadelics performed,Marvin Gaye's long time bass player Deon Eutus, we met in london in the 80's at a show i was playing with the Foundations in london's west end,i met singer Al Jarreau in 85' when i moved back to LA from london,we met at a jazz club in sherman oaks,i met sax player Tom Scott on a plane,i had just finished a Barry White concert and we just happened to be on the same flight,i got to meet the original bass player of the Commodores Ron LaPread during the mod 90's,over time i may think of more.

My Times In Puerto Rico!

I performed in san juan,puerto rico with Barry White during the 70's and 80's three or four times and fell in love with the beautiful island,the food and the people,i flew back for my birthday three times and stayed two weeks each time,i met a former girlfriend there during one of my tour dates with Barry White and we lasted for two years,she was from my home state of ohio,she was from Cincy.I rented a car once and drove to the other end of the island and had dinner at my hotels sister hotel,i always enjoyed old and new san juan,maybe one day go again.

Stars I Met and Performed with on Stage!!!

Yesterday i was sitting at my computer thinking of the stars i met and performed with on tour on stage in the US,UK and europe like Millie Jackson, Miki Howard, Gloria Gaynor, Mick Hucknall' ( 'Simply Red) ,Ernie Isley, Mohammed Ali, Jermaine Jackson, Don Cornelius (Soul Train), Steve Harvey (tv & radio), Chuck Berry, Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack, Eric Gale, Bobby Watson (Rufus), Ice Tea, Carl (kung fu) Douglas, Sly Stone, Mary Wilson, Tanya Tucker, Wolfman Jack, Dizzy Gillespie, Clem Curtis (Foundations-UK),Barry Biggs(UK), Jazzy B'(Soul ll Soul-UK), Junior'(UK), Bobby,Randy,Marty & El DeBarge,Ralph Johnson, Al McKay,Johnny Graham (EW&F), 'Knuck bassist + band leader of the Bar Kays band, Frankie Lymon, John Luiziamo, John Salley(NBA detroit), David Sanborn (jazz sax), Chaka Khan's son and daughter,Charlie Wilson's nephews,Stevie Wonders nephews,there are a few others that haven't come to mind and most of all my former boss Barry White. (To Be Continued)

Laurenti Mark Jordan
Laurenti Mark Jordan  (4 months ago)

Thanks for the friendship

I Recorded In The Beatle's 'Abbey Road Studios'

When i moved to london in 1981 it didn't take me long to get work,i stayed temporarily with a female friend i met performing in london with Barry White in the 70's,her daughter's man sang with a reggae group, after they were told i use to be Barry White and Isaac Hayes's guitarist,they asked me to be the groups MD,while performing my first gig with them i was noticed by the lead singer of the 'Foundations' group 'Clem Curtis' and was asked to play with them,i was soon playing with both groups at times around london and the UK,i was in london for a couple of months and after getting more notoriety i started getting more and more session work and was hired to do a session at the Beatle's famous 'Abbey Road Studios' fortunately i was residing down the road from the studios and down a block,it was music production for a black female group,at the time it was just another session but now i think about how amazing it was to have done that session there,i evenually started teaching guitar in london from 1981-1984' with seventeen students.

A Few Years Before Moving To LA (1972-1974)

In 1972 i started playing guitar for 'Dottie Pearson' later 'Dottie People's' after she moved to atlanta,she was a r&b and jazz singer,after she moved she became a big gospel singing star now during a my few years with Dot we performed between ohio and detroit,i always enjoyed performing in detroit whether it was r&b/jazz and gospel with gospel groups.i decided to move to LA and was planning on leaving in late 1974' while working with Dot i made friends i met and made friends with singer Keith Wilder who filled in a few gigs when Dot was sick,he asked me if i would move to london and join a new pop group named 'Heat Wave' he said that his brother Johnny was getting out of the military in england and he wanted to hire more guys from my home dayton,ohio,he gave a few days to think about it but i have been planning on moving to LA to audition for singer Bobby Womack because i had been playing and performing many of his songs,Bobby was from cleveland and me from dayton we were homies so i called from dayton and told Bobby i wanted to come out and try out,his office in hollywood posted me thee or four albums to listen to,what's funny is i had called Bobby's office a few times after arriving so before i recieved the albums he called my aunts where i was staying and i hung up on him because i thought it was my cousin playing a joke so i hung and Bobby called again and i had my sister answer and it was Bobby calling me personally and i was embarrassed but we talked cause before he would always be out of town,i evenually went to his office in hollywood at 9000 sunset bl.,i went to his office and Bobby's PR man mentioned to me that Bobby doesn't and won't be putting me on a retainer and i didn't have a clue and he said it's a regular salary fir when we're not touring and performing but he said he believed that Barry White did and his office was in the same building,he said also Sammy Davis Jr's office,Wolfman Jack's producer so i went to everyone's office but when i went to Barry White's office they were looking for guitarist,i met a few people at the office,they made a few calls and sent me to Barry's rehearsal studio on sunset bl.,and as they say,the rest is history,i'll continue in my next blog ciao,Emmett!

Big Jay Bush & the House Rockers 1971-1972

I got to play with Big Jay Bush and the House Rockers a six piece r&b funk band with band leader Big Jay Bush on sax,Chuck Wade on sax,Funky Chunky on drums,Ronnie Calloway on bass and myself on guitar and vocals,in the pass a friend of mind played guitar with Big Jay before me named Bobby Warren blues guitarist from dayton also in the past on drums and trumpet was Gatewood 'Blatz' Bloodsoe.There was a female vocalist with us at times named Beverly ??? I performed with Big Jay everywhere at clubs,at high schools and county fairs.We performed in ohio,kentucky,indiana,pa. and tenn.,I'm from the home of 'The Ohio Players',Lakeside',Slave',Heat Wave',Roger & Zapp and many other artist and musicians from dayton.Big Jay Bush at the time was working as much or more than the bands with hit records at the time.My friend Big Jay got killed at a club i think in toledo,ohio by mistaken identity,it was a gig i didn't attend,i was raking a bath when i was told about the shooting,it was pretty sad because he looked out for his musicians.