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Executive Order / Blog


Check out my rap music on reverbnation www.reverbnation.com/dirtbike4

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Add me on Facebook let's connect, here is my link https://www.facebook.com/richard.willis.31586


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Thanks, Richard Willis

Bookshelves and Bullshit

Check out JC's riffs at www.reverbnation.com/bookshelvesandbullshit


I just started a youtube fan page www.youtube.com/executiveorderfpage, please subscribe and help support us on youtube!!

New song!

I really don't like to do covers but we decided to do a cover of a cover on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night". It is an awesome song the only thing it lacks is a bass line(I can't play bass and rhythm at the same time) We are currently in the works of obtaining a bassist. Eventually we will update it with the full version. Again I don't like to do it but we did, it sounds awesome, and hopefully the peeps will like it! Cheers! From the pines, Jake

For those who don't know..

The big " A " on our profile is not an atheist group, agnostic group, white supremesist group, or satinist cult. It is anarchism. A true definition can be found here (since I am tired of reiterating on this issue) http://attackthesystem.com/anarchic-philosophy-by-victor-anduril/ Thank you, Jake

New bassist

New tunes soon to come. We might have a new bassist on the way. If it works out we can start pumping out some killer shit for the peeps! keeping all posted. Jake

new shit soon to come...

We are currently moving along with some new music. Bear with us. The vocalist is crying like a little bitch. Whenever he gets his pansy ass feelings realigned, we will bring the byproduct of it all!