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Shit City High / Blog

Booking Info For Shit City High!

FOR ALL TOURING/REGIONAL BOOKING INFO CONTACT OUR MANAGEMENT: DAVID @ SOAP BOX PRODUCTIONS soapboxproductions@gmail.com www.myspace.com/dg01 832.259.3645

Press Release



Shit City High is a very unique blend of early 80's L.A. metal, late 70's NYC punk and heavy rock 'n' roll wrapped up with catchy sing-a-long hooks and blown out guitar riffs all at full volume. Although, they claim to be from "Shit City," the Texas based band has been about as mysterious as they are infamous, featuring members of Austin based drunk rockers The BlackNovas, Die Cobra, Stretford and Pennsylvania's, I want to kill you. Shit City High was immediately signed to Austin based label Dead City Records before even playing their first show and people and critics knew why when they blew away the crowds at the SXSW music festival during their showcase in 2008. With fans that include legendary punk rockers such as The Saints, The Hookers, The Candy Snatchers and Electric Frankenstein; it's no wonder they have garnered so much attention in the short year they have been a band. Lead singer "MansRuin" looks possessed by the gods of rock, or the spirit of Wendy O. as she thrusts and jumps around the stage, but don't be fooled by her Joan Jett good looks. This woman isn't limited to just being on stage...no, you can pretty much count on seeing her throw herself into the crowd night after night! She is truly a sight to watch and hear and has been quoted (and best described), as "Iggy Pop with a bra!" The rhythm section is held down by Ken Demon on Drums and Nate Fox on Bass. Ken Demon sounds like he has eight arms and plays like Keith Moon on speed (If that's even possible), while Nate Fox tends to throw in witty and well placed bass walks even during the fastest songs. Guitarists Mike Riff and Pablo Ono switch off leads that are reminiscent of Thin Lizzy combined with their early era Motley Crue sounding riffs...all while pushing their amps to "none louder!" The band itself, consider themselves somewhat punk vets having played and payed their dues in various other bands for the past 15 to 20 years, but you wouldn't know it by looking at them. Their songs are catchy, sexy and sleazy and they have been spewing out their "I don't give a fuck" rock, for various crowds across the country with everyone such as punk vets, Electric Frankenstein to the new Warped Tour flavored darling's, The Heart Attacks. The band is currently recording their debut album entitled "The Agony and The Fury Of Rock 'n' Roll!"...And who would know better about the gritty life of rock 'n' roll, than the people who live it and do it?